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Analysis of unevenness of spindle weight in vertical drilling?

Vertical drill is a small drilling equipment, which is used to drill small and medium-sized parts. Generally, the processing range is below 25MM. The height is generally below 1.5 meters. Most of the height is 1 meter. More work on the work surface, more power transmission It is a belt drive mode. It is generally suitable for small batch production workshops such as repairs and tools. If equipped with drilling jigs, it is also suitable for batch production workshops.

Problems in the long-term use of vertical drills are inevitable. This does not mean that there is a problem with the quality of the products produced by the manufacturer, because no matter what is used for a long time, there will be some minor problems, although it will not affect the work for a while, but if it is not handled in time, minor faults will occur. It has become a big problem, so it is important to learn some simple repair methods by yourself.

Analysis of unevenness of spindle weight in vertical drilling
(1) The spline sleeve of the main shaft gearbox is offset from the center of the main shaft. The position of the gearbox should be adjusted and the positioning pin hole should be re-reamed to make the spline sleeve coincide with the center of the spindle.

(2) The spline of the spindle is bent. The curved part of the spline should be corrected.

(3) The outer diameter of the spindle sleeve has deformation or bite marks. If there are bite marks, use oilstone to trim. If the outer diameter of the main shaft sleeve is deformed due to the assembly of the bearing, the main shaft sleeve is trimmed. If the gap between the sleeve and the box sleeve is too large due to the trimming of the sleeve, the box sleeve needs to be replaced according to the size of the sleeve.

(4) The spindle sleeve rack has collision scars and burrs. The gear meshing with the main shaft sleeve rack should be trimmed to ensure normal meshing.

1. Five settings for equipment lubrication: fixed point, timing, qualitative, quantitative, and person;

2. Set aside two hours a week to clean the machine tool thoroughly, and clean it thoroughly for 1-3 months;

3. Check whether there is oily rust on the exposed parts, whether the screws are loose, whether the lubrication is thorough, whether the motor is overheated and the temperature should not exceed 60 degrees.

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