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CK514 vertical CNC lathe

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1.high efficient vertical CNC lathe for big and middle size workpieces.

2.high strength casting machine base and column, good shock-absorbing and stableaccuracy.

3.vertical structure, smooth chip removal, easy workpiece clamping.

4.movable, easy cleaning separated coolant tank.

5.high accurate and rigid sleeve type spindle which is easy for maintenance.

6.Spindle sleeve with symmetrical and suspension design which can reduce theaffection of heating distortion on accuracy.

7.powerful AC motor on spindle and ZF speed reducer can output high torque andhigh speed running for different machining requirements.

8.spindle with imported high grade grease, whole sealing, maintenance free.

9.with heavy duty linear guideways on carriage and column.

10.with vertical 6-station servo turret.

Technical Parameter :

items unit CK514 CK514A CK514Z CK514H
capacity Max swing dia. Mm(in) Φ650(25.6) Φ650(25.6) Φ650(25.6) Φ650(25.6)
Max turning over slide Mm(in) Φ450(17.7) Φ450(17.7) Φ450(17.7) Φ450(17.7)
Max turning length Mm(in) 350(13.8) 350(13.8) 420(16.5) 420(16.5)
spindle Hydraulic chuck dia. Mm(in) Φ305(12″) Φ305(12″) Φ305(12″) Φ305(12″)
 spindle nose A2-8 A2-8 A2-8 A2-8
Spindle bearing dia. mm Φ130/Φ120  (前/后) Φ130/Φ120  (前/后) Φ130/Φ120(前/后) Φ130/Φ120(前/后)
spindle speed rpm 30-3000 50-2500 30-3000 30-3000
spindle power kW 18.5/22 22/30 18.5/22 18.5/22
carriage X/Y-axis travel Mm   (in) 450/550 (17.7/21.7) 450/550 (17.7/21.7) 450/550 (17.7/21.7) 450/550 (17.7/21.7)
X/Y-axis rapid traverse m/min(ipm) 12/16(472/630) 12/16(472/630) 12/16(472/630) 12/16(472/630)
X/Y-axis servo motor torque Nm(ft-lb) 12/22 (16.3/29.8) 15/23 (20.3/31.2) 12/22 (16.3/29.8) 12/22 (16.3/29.8)
X/Y-axis servo power kW(hp) 3.0/4.0 (4.1/5.4) 3.0/4.0 (4.1/5.4) 3.0/4.0 (4.1/5.4) 3.0/4.0 (4.1/5.4)
Turret number of station 6(立式) 6(立式) 6(立式) 6(立式)
Tool section(turning/ boring) mm 32×32/Φ12~Φ50 32×32/Φ12~ Φ50 32×32/Φ12~Φ50 32×32/Φ12~Φ50
Others power source kVA 50 25 50 50
Dimension(L×W×H) Mm(in) 2910×1880×2680(114.6×74×105.5) 2910×1880×2680(114.6×74×105.5) 2910×1880×2790 (114.6×74×109.8) 2910×1880×2790 (114.6×74×109.8)
Net weight/cross weight Kg


5000/6000 (11025/13230) 5000/6000 (11025/13230) 5000/6000 (11025/13230) 5000/6000 (11025/13230)

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