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FV-6 high-speed gantry vertical machining center

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FV-6 high speed gantry type vertical machining center has30000rpm electric motor, X/Y/Z linear guideways, with tool length measuringdevice and 3-axis optical scales, which may meet the requirements of highaccuracy machining.

Model Unit FV-6
Worktable face mm(in) 600×550﹙23.622×21.654)
T-Slots (Size ×Number) mm(in) 14×4 (P=100)  (0.551×4 (P=3.937))
Max. table load kg(lbs) 500(1102.5)
Right and left travel (X) mm(in) 600(23.622)
Back and forth travel (Y) mm(in) 500(19.685)
Headstock up and down travel (Z) mm(in) 350(13.780)
Distance of spindle nose to table face mm(in) 120-470(4.724-18.504)
Spindle taper bore ISO30
spindle speed rpm 30000
Cutting feed (X/Y/Z) mm/min(ipm) 1-12000(1-472.441)
Rapid traverse (X/Y/Z) m/min(ipm) 24/24/15 (944.88/944.88/590.55)
ATC (Automatic Tool Changer)
Tool shank type ISO30
Capacity of tool magazine Tools 16
Max. Tool size (Dia. ×Length) mm(in) Φ40×150(Φ1.575×5.906)
Max. Tool weight kg(lbs) 1.5(3.308)
Tool selection mode Fixed
Spindle drive motor 30000rpm  8.5kw (11.56hp)
Machine weight, Floor area and packing
Floor area (W×L) mm(in) 1920×2210(75.590×87.007)
Machine height mm(in) 2530(99.606)
Power capacity KVA 25
Net weight kg(lbs) 4200(9261)
Gross weight kg(lbs) 5100(11245.5)
Packing measurement (wooden case) mm(in) 2326×2560×2610(91.575×100.787×102.756)

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