Why Choose us

ANTS Machine are dedicated to providing the industry with the best machining equipment at the most ideal price, With its ability to enhance the overall industry quality.

Enterprise positioning

High-end digital grinding machine, full - function CNC lathe professional manufacturers.

Enterprise core

Based on world-class standards, the introduction of Europe and Japan and other advanced technology, grinding machine varieties and specifications complete, quality in the industry leading level.

client field

It serves more than 6000 enterprises in mold abrasive, tools, automobile medical treatment, communication electronics, hardware electrical appliances, aerospace, semiconductor, new energy and other industries.

Technical training

On-site installation, commissioning and sample testing, one-to-one demonstration and guidance.


The whole machine is guaranteed with two-year warranty, life time maintenance and after-sales maintenance. Solutions shall be provided within 12 hours and on-site technical solutions shall be sent within 48 hours.

24/7 customer support

We provide exclusive solutions and timely technical support to help you improve production efficiency and solve your problems.

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