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CA355CNCZ-2A*1M Aluminum Circular Saw Machine

Model CA355CNCZ-2A*1M Operating Voltage Main line 380V, control voltage 110V Main motor attack rate 3.3/4KW star/delta (saw blade speed 1440/2800r/min) Saw blade cooling method Cooling water, oil mist cooling Rated working pressure 4-6Mpa Clamping force and stroke of cutting clam...... [Read More]

MC425H Metal Circular Saw Machine

Product Details This model is a new type of semi-automatic pipe cutting equipment developed by Shanghai ANTISHI absorbing international advanced technology and combining with the needs of the domestic market. It can saw metal materials such as ordinary steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper...... [Read More]

TCK700 CNC Slanting Bed Horizontal Turning Center

Product description ANTISHI TCK700 CNC lathe is a domestically advanced product manufactured by introducing foreign technology, which meets the domestic market’s demand for medium and high-end CNC lathes. The strength, dynamic and static stiffness of the whole machine, the mechanical st...... [Read More]

G4240/70ZA Angle Band Saw Machine

Model G4240/70ZA(Customized) 90° Max.cutting capacity Round 400mm 90° Max.cutting capacity Quadrate 400×700mm 45° Max.cutting capacity Round 400mm 45° Max.cutting capacity Quadrate 400×400mm Saw blade Blade Speed 20/30/43/54/60 m/min (line speed) Blade Size 41×1.3mm Cle...... [Read More]

Lathe Machine CZ1440G/1

Technical Parameter Specifications Unit CZ1440G/1 c mm 355 Swing over carriage mm 220 Swing over gap mm 500 Width of bed-way mm 186 Distance between centers mm 1000 Spindle taper   MT5 Spindle bore mm 38 Step of speed   8 Range of speed rpm 70-2000 Head nose &...... [Read More]

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