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SE Short Bar Automatic Feeder

Model:SE-65/ 1.5M Prepare by Caro Part 1: Technical parameter Model SE-65/ 1.5M Bar diameter ∅ 6-65mm Bar capacity ∅ 65x10P Depending on the diameter of the material Bar length 1500mm(Depending on the total length of the lathe spindle) Bar Demand The applicable bar material has lo...... [Read More]

Circle belt balancing machine

Model:A-500 Technical specifications 1 Model A-500 2 Max weight of workpiece (kg) 500 3 Max diameter of workpiece (mm) Ø1200 (Fan type 600) 4 Distance between two supports (mm) 130~ 1760 5 Roller bearing journal range (mm) Ø10~ Ø120 6 Diameter range of belt drive (mm) Ø10 ~ Ø400 7 Balance sp...... [Read More]

High Speed balancing machine

Model:AH-4800 Technical specifications Specifications AH-4800 Speed ≤12000rpm Test weight Range (kg) 0.1-5 Diameter Range (mm) Φ 20- 200 Distance Between Supports (mm) 60~320 Roller Shaft Neck Diameter Range (mm) Ø6~ Ø25 Belt-Driven Part Diameter Range (mm) Ø20~ Ø120 Unbalan...... [Read More]

Shot Blasting Machine

Technical parameter          No. Item Parameters 1 Steel plate length ≤ 12 meters (40 feet) 2 Steel plate width ≤ 2500mm wide 3 Steel plate thickness  6~14mm thick 4 Processing speed (Clean both sides of steel plate at the same time) 1.0-2.0m/min (A-D grade original surface materia...... [Read More]

ATS2500 Steel Plate Production Line

 (Picture for reference only) Part I       Processed Workpieces and Main Parameters of ATS2500 Production Line        No. Item Parameters 1 Steel plate length ≤ 12 meters (40 feet) 2 Steel plate width ≤2500mm wide 3 Steel plate thickness  6~14mm thick 4 Processing speed (Clean both...... [Read More]

FL-8012 5-Axis Fiber Laser Tube Cutting Machine

Part 1: Technical parameter Specification of cutting steel pipe Cutable Material Type Round tube,Square tube,Rectangular tube,Channel steel,Angle steel  H shape steel Fiber cutting tube wall thickness Max20mm  quality 16mm or less cut material length 12000mm Diagonal Section 30-800mm...... [Read More]

CK0640 CNC Lathe machine with automation devices

Technical Parameter The CK0640 series CNC horizontal lathe is suitable for mass production of various shafts, valve guides and other parts such as outer circles, arbitrary tapers, grooves, and other complex processes for precision automated processing. It omits the need for manual “manu...... [Read More]

Vertical Turning and Milling Machining Center VTL4000

Item Unit VTL4000+C Max. swing diameter mm 4600 Table diameter mm 4000 Max. turning diameter mm 4300 Max.turning height mm 1600 Max.loading weight T 30 Workbench speed series – Two gears (continuously variable speed within gear) Table speed range(turning) rpm 60 Tabl...... [Read More]

CNC Notching And Marking Machine AK-500CG

Specifications AK-500CG Processing roll maximum diameter 500mm Minimum diameter 50mm Processing roll maximum length 2500mm Max.length of the processing roll surface 1800mm Processing of the crescent specification ~ Φ6 Φ50 Processing the crescent β angle Any Any Processing the...... [Read More]

Ram Milling Machine X6432A

Specification unit X6432A Table size mm 320*1600 Max Longitudinal travel(auto) mm 900/880 Max transverse travel(auto) mm 255/240 Max transverse vertical travel(auto) mm 320/300 Max rotary angle ±45° T Slots(N*W*D) 3/18/70 Spindle hole taper mm 7:24   ISO50 Diameter of s...... [Read More]

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