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CNC automatic pipe bending machine DW130NC

Equipment features: 1.High-speed single-head hydraulic pipe bender, using microcomputer control, multiple sets of programs, and multiple angle settings, makes the operation simple and convenient. 2.English subtitle display, man-machine dialogue operation, you can choose any manual, half-cycl...... [Read More]

Hydraulic mesh cutting machine MC6000Y

Equipment features: 1.The whole machine adopts a dust-proof and closed design, which is safe to operate. 2.It can be cut at a time to form a steel mesh with a maximum width of 6 meters. It adopts hydraulic control mode, fast speed and high shear efficiency. It is designed at an acute angle be...... [Read More]

CS-350 Circular Sawing Machine

Equipment Introduction The ANTISHI manual cold saw CS-350 with a 350 mm circular saw blade that runs slow speed in conjunction with a coolant system. These cold saws are designed to cut at 90 º, or mitres up to 60 º in either left or right side of the material simply by releasing the lever loc...... [Read More]

CO2 Laser Machine 460*60W

Equipment Introductions Shanghai ANTISHI 460 C02 laser machine can be applied to laser engraving/cutting of non-metallic materials in various industries, such as glass products, cloth and leather, bamboo and wood products, craft gifts, ceramic engraving, and plexiglass. Features Integrated Co...... [Read More]

AC servo medium wire cutting machine 400FU

Equipment Introductions Shanghai ANTISHICNC “FU” series integrated wire-cutting machine tool is a medium-feeding wire-cutting machine tool with liquid tank CNC lifting and high-precision large-taper processing. It has seven-axis control and realizes standard five-axis CNC four-axis...... [Read More]

VTL-450L CNC Vertical Lathe

Equipment Introductions VTL-450L double-spindle CNC vertical lathe is an automatic CNC machining machine tool, the machine tool adopts. The double-column double-spindle structure is equivalent to two independent CNC vertical lathes, which effectively improves the production efficiency. High p...... [Read More]

JYP290VF/JYP300VF Drill and Mill Lathe

Equipment Introduction JYP series turning, drilling and milling is very convenient in the process of use and operation. The overall processing strength of the supporting equipment is relatively high, and the processing efficiency is also high. It can improve work efficiency in a short time, an...... [Read More]

CA355CNCZ-2A*1M Aluminum Circular Saw Machine

Model CA355CNCZ-2A*1M Operating Voltage Main line 380V, control voltage 110V Main motor attack rate 3.3/4KW star/delta (saw blade speed 1440/2800r/min) Saw blade cooling method Cooling water, oil mist cooling Rated working pressure 4-6Mpa Clamping force and stroke of cutting clam...... [Read More]

MC425H Metal Circular Saw Machine

Product Details This model is a new type of semi-automatic pipe cutting equipment developed by Shanghai ANTISHI absorbing international advanced technology and combining with the needs of the domestic market. It can saw metal materials such as ordinary steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper...... [Read More]

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