Gantry Machining Centre

LMX-40170 Gantry Maching Center

Table Size(L*W) : 3x16m

Max Loading Weight : 5 T/㎡

LMX-4228 CNC Gantry machining centre

X/Y/Z axis travel

4200x2800+550(Milling head stroke)x1000 mm

XKW23 series gantry machining center

Table size (WxL) : 1.8*4 m

Max loading : 4-10 Ton

XKW26 series gantry machining center

Table Size(L*W) : 4x20m

Max Loading Weight : 10 T/㎡

BXH gantry machining center

X/Y/Z axis travel

2200x2200x1000 mm

3000x2200x1000 mm

4000x2200x1000 mm

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