Tool grinding machine



MQ6025A Universal tool grinder

Work surface size (LxW) :

940x135 mm

Max. distance from centers :

700 mm

Multl-Use Grinding Machine 2M9120A

Grinding dia. : 200 mm

Workpiece length max. : 500 mm

Workpiece weight max. : 10 kg

TG-380 High Precision Thread Grinder

Max grinding diameter : Φ127*300 mm

Max rotation diameter : 136 mm

5-axis CNC tool grinding machine – TG560 & TG580

Processing workpiece dia. : 200 mm

Max. processing workpiece length :

170 - 200 mm

6-Axis Five-Linkage CNC Tool Grinder -TG680

Processing workpiece dia. : 200 mm

Max. processing workpiece length :

150 mm

H400 Precision Peripheral Grinder

Suitable for carbide, ceramic, CBN, turning tool grinding

H3 High precision CNC step grinding machine

Clamping workpiece dia. : 0.5-20 mm

Grinding workpiece dia. : 0.05-20 mm

U Series Universal Cutter Grinder

Max chuck size : 18 mm

Max grinding dia. : 100 mm

Q6 Triangular tooth saw blade Sharpener Grinding Machine

Saw Blade Dia. : 70 - 350mm

Custom blade dia. : 25 - 400 mm

S380 Band Saw Blade Sharpener Grinding Machine

Saw blade width : 27-45(20-50)mm

Saw blade pitch : 3-30 mm

S450 Circular Saw Blade Sharpener Grinding Machine

Blade outer dia. : ф50-ф450 mm

Cutting angle : 0°-30°

Universal tool grinding machine ANTS 600F

Worktable Dia. : 300mm

Worktable travel : 150mm

Worktable Size : 130×520mm

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