Slant-bed CNC Lathe



TCK6340 TCK6340S TCK6350 CNC Slant-bed Lathe machine

Swing over bed : 400-500 mm

swing over slide : 140-220 mm

CK400 CK400S Slant Bed CNC Lathe machine with hydraulic chuck

Swing over bed : 400 mm

Swing over cross slide : 140 mm

CK40/50 CNC lathes

semi-finish and finish processes of small or medium workpieces

CK7516 series CNC lathes

Max. turning dia. : φ285(11.220) mm(in)

CK7520 series CNC lathes

Max. turning dia. : φ370(14.567) mm(in)

CK7525 series CNC lathes

Max.turning dia. : φ450(17.717)

Max.swing dia. : φ370(14.567)mm(in)

CK7530 series CNC lathes

Max swing over bed/slide : Φ670/Φ470 mm

Max turning length : 1500(800)mm

CK7550 CNC lathe

For large-scale chuck type and shaft-type workpieces

CK7620P CNC lathe

finish turning of small short shaft type and chuck type workpieces ;

cylinder turning, taper turning,arc turning and threading turning ;

CK43 series CNC lathe of crank connecting neck

Max. swing dia. : Φ850 mm

Max. turning dia. : 1500mm

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