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Pipe sawing parameter table

  material   Material specifications Pipe mm Ø100X 5t Ø50X3t 9 bunches Cross-sectional area cm2 15 40 Carbon structural steel, free-cutting structural steel   Linear speed m/min 52~78 58~78 Efficiency cm2/min 9~13 16~24 Sawing time min 1.1~1.7 1.7~2.5 Low alloy st...... [Read More]

High speed sawing case of large aluminum ingot

Many aluminum processing enterprises use the process of high-speed sawing to re process the head, tail and edge of flat ingot and round ingot. High speed sawing requires not only high fatigue strength of saw blade, but also high precision of machined surface. In order to meet the growing needs...... [Read More]

Points to note for section steel sawing

When using a band saw to cut H steel, I-beam, angle steel and channel steel, make sure not to cut obliquely. Once the material is cut obliquely or cored, it will affect the subsequent material welding process and cause the welder to polish the excess material. Or adding filler materials, or wo...... [Read More]

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