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The Combination of Industrial Robot Age and CNC Machine Tool

The automotive industry has always been the most important field of robot application in the past. With the improvement of automation demand, the application of industrial robots has been further expanded. In addition to traditional welding applications, robots are used in machine tool loading...... [Read More]

Features of five-axis machining center

Five-axis linkage machining center, also called five-axis machining center, is a machining center with high technological content and high precision specially used for machining complex curved surfaces. Instruments, high-precision medical equipment and other industries have a pivotal influence...... [Read More]

CK7516 CNC lathe

What is the relationship between the machining route and machining allowance of CK7516 CNC lathe? CK7516 CNC lathe is an automatic machine tool that integrates new achievements in various fields such as computer, automation, servo drive, measurement and mechanical technology, and is a newly em...... [Read More]

Accessories for ANTISHICNC Universal Lathes

Steady rest, Drive plate with set of turning dogs, Thread chasing dial, One-position longitudinal stop, 5-position longitudinal stop, Tail-stock with 2-speed quill feed, Taper turning attachment. Lunettes – movable lunettes, stationary lunettes, washer center, threaded clock, solid stop,...... [Read More]

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