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What kind of hydraulic press can avoid being eliminated?

A hydraulic press is a machine that uses liquid static pressure to process various materials. It is often used in pressing processes and pressing forming processes, such as forging, stamping, cold extrusion, straightening, bending, flanging, sheet metal drawing, powder metallurgy, press fittin...... [Read More]

What does a milling machine do?

Milling machines are an important type of mechanical processing equipment in modern manufacturing. They use rotating tools to cut workpieces and process a variety of complex shapes. Milling machines are widely used in mechanical manufacturing, mold processing, aerospace, automobile manufacturi...... [Read More]

How to choose the right laser pipe cutting machine

Laser pipe cutting machine is a kind of equipment that uses laser technology to cut and process various pipes. It irradiates the surface of the pipe through a high energy density laser beam, so that the pipe heats up rapidly, melts and vaporizes, so as to realize the separation and cutting of...... [Read More]

How to use wire cutting technology to process watch parts

Metal wire cutting technology has significant advantages and important applications in the processing of watch parts. Watch parts are often small in size and complex in shape, requiring extremely high precision and finesse. For example, the processing of small gear shafts, clockwork shafts, p...... [Read More]

In what fields can wire cutting WEDM machine be applied?

Wire cutting WEDM machine is an important equipment used for EDM wire cutting. Several common types of wire cutting WEDM machine are: High-speed Wire Cut Electrical Discharge Machining Machine, Low-speed Wire Cut Electrical Discharge Machining  Machine, Medium-speed Wire Cut Electrical Discha...... [Read More]

Application of CNC press brake in furniture manufacturing

CNC bending machine is a common metal forming equipment. Through the CNC system, the bending angle and size are precisely controlled, and metal sheets can be bent into various shapes efficiently and accurately to meet the production needs of different products. CNC bending machines are widely...... [Read More]

Everything you need to know about hydraulic press machine

Hydraulic press machine is a mechanical device that uses liquid to transmit pressure. It is widely used in metal processing, plastic processing, shipbuilding, aerospace, metallurgy and other fields. The working principle of hydraulic press machine is based on Pascal’s principle, that is,...... [Read More]

How to process NdFeB magnets with EDM wire cutting machine?

Recently, Shanghai ANTISHICNC has developed a new type of EDM wire cutting machine, which brings higher precision and efficiency to the cutting of NdFeB magnets. EDM wire cutting machines use advanced technology and can perform fine processing on various types of magnets. Among them, NdFeB ma...... [Read More]

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