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Several clamping methods for grinding on surface grinder

1. Clamping method of cushion elastic gasket When grinding the above-mentioned sheet workpiece on a surface grinder, an elastic clamping mechanism is adopted to enable the sheet workpiece to be positioned and clamped in a free state. A layer of 0.5mm thick rubber is placed between the workpie...... [Read More]

Why is the size of your CNC machine tool unstable?

1. The size of the workpiece is accurate, and the surface finish is poor The cause of the failure: the tool tip is damaged and not sharp; the machine tool resonates and the placement is not stable; the machine tool has crawling phenomenon; the processing technology is not good. Solution: Afte...... [Read More]

How many axes of CNC machine tools can be linked in the world?

Machining centers with more than five axes belong to special special equipment, and they generally process certain types of workpieces in a targeted manner. Briefly introduce the principle of the existence of machine tools with more than five axes: Generally speaking, a five-axis five-linked m...... [Read More]

Three grinding methods for cylindrical grinding

1. Grinding the outer circle The outer circle of the workpiece is generally ground on an ordinary cylindrical grinder or a universal cylindrical grinder. Cylindrical grinding generally has three methods: longitudinal grinding, horizontal grinding and deep grinding. 1. Longitudinal grinding me...... [Read More]

Grinding method of outer circle

1. Longitudinal grinding method Longitudinal grinding method is the most commonly used grinding method. During grinding, the worktable is fed longitudinally and the grinding wheel is fed periodically. The grinding allowance of the workpiece must be ground in multiple reciprocating strokes. Fe...... [Read More]

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