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Horizontal Rotary Angel Metal Band Saw Machine BS-400

Technical Specifications| Model BS-400 Cutting capacity(mm) 0°  φ400mm   □500x400mm 45°  φ400mm  □400x400mm Sawing angle  0˚~45˚ Sawing speed (m/min)  40/60/80m/min Band saw blade specification (mm) 4800×34×1.1mm Saw Band Tension manual Main motor power (kw) 3 Hydraulic moto...... [Read More]

Horizontal Rotary Angel Metal Band Saw Machine BS-500G

Technical Specifications BS–500G     Capacity Circular @90° 350 mm Rectangular             @90° 500×350 mm Circular @45° 330 mm Rectangular             @45° 330×350 mm Blade size 4180x34x1.1 mm Motor 3kW,servo motor Packing size 223x222x170 cm N.W/G...... [Read More]

Slant Bed CNC lathe TCK800/1500

Specifications Unit TCK46A Maximum turning diameter on the bed mm Φ800 Maximum turning diameter over the slide mm 630 Maximum progress diameter   Axis 630 / disc 800 Maximum turning length mm 1500 Spindle end type   A2-11 Spindle through hole diameter mm Φ104 Bar di...... [Read More]

CNC external cyclone milling machine

Item Specifications WXK630×2000 Unit Machine tool use Machining trapezoidal threads     Machining workpiece gauge grid Workpiece length specifications 2000 mm Maximum milling length 1500 mm Machining workpiece diameter range 400-630 mm Screw rotation arbitrary  ...... [Read More]

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