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How to choose the right cylindrical grinder machine

In recent years, with the continuous upgrading of the manufacturing industry and the rapid development of intelligent technology, the cylindrical grinder, a traditional processing equipment, has also ushered in unprecedented changes. What we want to discuss today is how to make cylindrical gri...... [Read More]

How to machine wheel bearings by using a CNC lathe?

Recently, Shanghai ANTISHICNC Company has an American customer who needs to purchase a CNC lathe for processing double-row angular contact ball bearings. The size of the bearing is: 42*82*36mm. Double row angular contact ball bearings can bear radial loads and axial loads acting in two direct...... [Read More]

CNC drilling and sawing machines used for steel Processing

In order to meet the needs of large-batch and automated steel processing and improve production and processing efficiency, a fully automated drilling and sawing production line came into being.Shanghai ANTISHICNC specializes in the production of CNC drilling and sawing machines. After the effo...... [Read More]

FX-12S High Precision Centerless Grinder Application

Elevators have many shaft components, such as motor shaft and guide shaft. Motor shaft is a key component in the elevator system, and its precision and surface quality directly affect the performance and life of the elevator. The guide shaft supports the elevator’s guiding system and aff...... [Read More]

1 Set CS6250C Universal Lathe Machine Deliver to Russian Customer

Reported by: Baccata           Date: May 13, 2024 ANTISHICNC caters to customer needs in the best possible way and provides Sawing Machines that are rich in quality and longevity, full customer satisfaction has always been our top priority. CS6250C universal lathe is suitable for processing va...... [Read More]

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