Milling Machine



X6323A X6323B Universal Turret Milling Machine

Table size

230mm x 1067mm (9"x 42")

230mm x 1246mm (9"x 49")

X6325A Universal Turret Milling Machine

Table size


X6325 X6325C X6325D Universal Turret Milling Machine

Table size

254mm x 1270mm (10"x 50")

254mm x 1370mm (10"x 54")

X6330 X6330A Turret Milling Machine

Table size

305mm x 1370mm (10"x 54")

305mm x 1500mm (10"x 60")

VMC Series Vertical Machine Center

Table Size(L*W) : 800*500mm~1600*800mm

Max Loading Weight : 400~1500kg

APC Series Automatic Pallet Changer Horizontal Machine Center

Table Size(L*W) : 800*800mm

Max tool dia. : Φ125×250

VMC650 vertical machining center

Table Size(L*W) : 800x500mm

Max Loading Weight : 400kg

VMC850S Vertical Machining Center

Table Size(L*W) : 900x500mm

Max Loading Weight : 500kg

XK7126 XH7126 CNC Milling Machine

X/Y/Z axis travel

450x320x400 mm

TPX6111B Horizontal Milling Boring Machine

Spindle dia. : 110 mm

Facing Plate dia. : 600 mm

Worktable Dimensions : 1250x1100 mm

TPX6113 Horizontal Milling Boring Machine

Boring shaft dia. : 130 mm

Workbench area(L×W):

1600×1400 mm

1800×1600 mm

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