EDM/WEDM Machine



AHF Series Premium High-end Fast Cutting Wire Cut WEDM Machine

Max cutting thickness : 500 mm

Max load capacity : 450 kg

AC servo slow wire cutting machine

X, Y, Z axis travel :

400X300X260 mm

ZNC Series Die Sinker EDM Machine (Economic type)

Travel X-axis: 250 - 700 mm

Travel Y-axis: 350 - 1000 mm

Medium wire cutting EDM machine

Work table size :

400*670 mm

490*800 mm

700*1000 mm

DK77 Series Economic Type High-Efficiency Fast Wire Cutting EDM Machine

Max. cutting thickness :

400 / 500 / 600 mm

height adjustable

ZNC EDM Hole Drilling Machine

Work surface size : 750X880mm

Work surface travel : 400X600mm

DK77100 Large Table Size Fast Speed EDM Wire Cutting Machine

X.Y axial stroke:1000X1200mm

U. V-axis stroke:±35×±35mm

CNC EDM Hole Drilling Machine

Working desk size : 750*1180mm

X-Y axis travel : 630*800mm

ZK Series Die Sinker EDM Machine (Premium type)

Max working weight : 800kg

Worktable size : 700*400mm

CNC Die Sinker EDM Machine 540K/650K

X-axis travel : 500mm/600mm

Y-axis travel : 400mm/400mm

Z-axis travel : 300mm/350mm

C40 CNC Mirror Discharge Die Sinker EDM Machine

Working fluid tank size :


Workbench : 680*420mm

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