Vertical Lathe Machine



VTL-50A/VTL-55L/VTL-70L CNC Vertical Turret Lathe

Swing over bed : 800 mm

Max. turning dia. : 700mm

AL5 Twin type Inverted Vertical CNC Lathe

Max. swing over bed dia. : Ø350 mm

Max. machining dia. : Ø200 mm

CK51125 vertical CNC lathe

Max. swing dia. : Φ1250mm

Max. turning dia. : Φ1100mm

CK516 vertical CNC lathe

Max swing dia.: Φ850(33.46)

Max turning dia.: Φ750(29.53) mm(in)

CK51125A vertical CNC lathe

Max. swing dia. : Φ1500(59.055)

Max. turning dia. : Φ1250(49.212) mm(in)

CD125/CD160 vertical CNC lathe

Max. swing dia. : Φ1250(49.212)

Max. turning dia. : Φ1100(43.307) mm(in)

BDVL28 vertical CNC lathe

Max. swing dia. : Φ800(31.5)

Max. turning dia. : Φ800(31.5) mm(in)

BK50-2 vertical CNC lathe

Max. swing dia. : Φ500mm

Max. turning dia. : Φ420mm

VW24T CNC Vertical lathe

For machining hubs of automotive industry


Max.swing dia.: φ1600(62.992)

Max.turning dia.: φ1600(62.992) mm(in)

CK53100 CNC Single Column Mobile Vertical Lathe

Max turning work-piece dia. : Φ10000 mm

Max turning work-piece height : 3000 mm

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