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METALEX introduction Time: November 22nd to November 25th, 2023 Opening hours: 09:00 – 18:00 Address: 88 Bangna-Trad Road, Bangna, Bangkok 10260 – BITEC Organizer: REED EXHIBITIONS GROUP UK Held period: Once a year Exhibition area: 80020 m² Number of exhibitors: 1366 Number of vis...... [Read More]

CNC Machine Tools 12 Big Development Trends In the Future

At present, the development of CNC machine tools is changing rapidly, high-speed, high-precision, composite, intelligent, open, parallel drive, network, extreme, green has become the trend and direction of the development of CNC machine tools. China, as a manufacturing country, is still mainly...... [Read More]

2022 Advanced Member (Top Ten Quality)

During the CIMT2023 exhibition, the China Machine Tool Industry Association commended and awarded the 2022 Advanced Member (Top Ten) companies. In order to better publicize these member companies, the media department of the association organized a series of special reports on the award-winnin...... [Read More]

Practical Application Cases of 5-axis CNC Tool Grinder

Recently, Shanghai ANTISHICNC received an inquiry from a precision cutting tool company in Egypt. The customer sent a picture of the work piece planned for mass production, and gave a processing efficiency requirement of 100-200 pieces per hour. After learning more about the material and size...... [Read More]

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