Plasma laser sheet cutting machine



Fiber Laser Plate Cutting X6025-12KW

Processing format (L*W) : 6000×2500mm

X-axis travel:6000mm

Y-axis travel : 2500mm

Plasma Cutting Machine 1530 120A

X, Y, Z working area :

1500*3000*150 mm

Plasma Cutting Machine 1560 200A

X, Y, Z working area :

1500*6000*150 mm

Plasma Cutting Machine 2060 200A

X, Y, Z working area :

2000*6000*150 mm

CO2 laser cutting machine G2513

Laser type :

Hermetic CO2 glass tube 260W

Gantry Plasma Cutting Machine 2040 120A

X,Y working area : 2*4m

Z working area : 300mm

Gantry Plasma Cutting Machine 2850 120A

X, Y, Z working area :

2500*8000*150 mm

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