CNC Milling Machine

XK7126 XH7126 CNC Milling Machine

X/Y/Z axis travel

500x300x400 mm

XK7125 XH7125 CNC milling machine

X/Y/Z axis travel

450x260x380 mm

CH75 series CNC turning center

Max. turning dia. : φ600(23.622)

Max. turning length:1900(74.803 ) mm(in)

CH7516GS Turning Center

Max turning length: 450(17.7)

Max turning dia.: Φ250(9.8)mm(in)


Max turning length: 500(19.685)

Max turning dia. : Φ340(17.272) mm(in)

MTK20 CNC milling turning center

Max. machining length : 750(29.528)

Max. machining dia.: Φ250(Φ9.843) mm(in)

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