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Product Name Overall dimensions

(length x width x height)

Bi-Metal Bandsaw blade  3650*27*0.9 mm 2/3, 3/4,4/6
Bi-Metal Bandsaw blade  4115*34*1.1 mm 2/3, 3/4,4/6
Bi-Metal Bandsaw blade 5080*41*1.3 mm 2/3, 3/4
Bi-Metal Bandsaw blade 7200*54*1.6 mm 2/3
Bi-Metal Bandsaw blade  8820* 67*1.6 mm 1.1/4
Bi-Metal Bandsaw blade  17000*80*1.6 mm 0.7/1

Saw blades can be divided into bi-metal band saw blades and circular saw blades according to different sawing methods and structures;

Bi-metal band saw blade mainly refers to the metal cutting band saw blade whose tooth tip material is high-speed steel or other high-performance steel, and the saw blade material is low-alloy spring steel. Specifications and dimensions of universal band saw blades:

6*0.9 10*0.9 13*0.65 13*0.9 20*0.9 27*0.9 34*1.1 41*1.3 54*1.3 54*1.6 67*1.6 80*1.6

(unit: mm)

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