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BullHead Shaper Machine BC6050

Max planing length : 500mm

Size ( L x W x H ) : 1943×1160×1533mm

BullHead Shaping Machine BC6066

Max planing length : 660mm

Working Surface(L*W) : 630*400mm

BullHead Shaping Machine BK60100

Max planing length : 1000mm

Working Surface(L*W) : 1000×500mm

BullHead Shaping Machine BC6063

Max planing length : 630mm

Working Surface(L*W) : 650×450mm

BullHead Shaping Machine BC6085

Max. planing length : 850mm

Working Surface(L*W) : 800*450mm

Hydraulic Bull Head Shaping Machine BY60100

Max. planing length : 1000mm

Working Surface : 1000×500mm

CNC Shaping Machine BK6063

Max. planing length : 630mm

Working Surface : 650×450mm

CNC Control hydraulic Bull Head Shaper Machine BYK60100

Max. planing length : 1000mm

Working Surface (L*W) : 1000×500mm

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