Cylindrical grinding machine

Straight feed CNC Cylindrical Grinding Machine with Truss Manipulator

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Technical Parameter :

ITEM Unit Machine Model


Processing Capability Maximum rotating diameter of worktable mm 270
The longest distance between two thimble mm 600
Maximum grinding diameter mm 270
Maximum load between two top centers Kg(b) 60(Centers work)

20(Work head work)

Grinding wheel size (diameter × width × aperture) mm 405×38(32-50)×127
Wheel speed rpm 1650
Maximum linear speed of grinding wheel m/s 35(65 with High speed grinding wheel)
Wheel dressing mm Automatic
Wheel head Feed angle Deg 90
Feed stroke mm 220
X axis feed speed m/min 6
X axis minimum feed mm 0.001
Head stock Spindle speed rpm 50-500
Spindle form Simultaneous movement or centering
Thimble specifications MT-5
Tailstock Automatic telescopic distance mm 40
Center specifications MT-4
Workbench Z axis fast moving speed m/min 8
Z axis minimum feed mm 0.001
Maximum travel stroke mm 640
Rotation angle Deg +7/-3
Motor Wheel spindle motor KW 3.75
X axis feed motor (servo) KW 1.5
Z axis feed motor (servo) KW 1.5
Headstock spindle motor KW 0.75
Cooling water pump motor KW 0.75
Lubricating oil motor KW 0.25*2
Tailstock oil pump motor KW 0.75
Others Machine net weight Kg 3300
Gross weight Kg 3500
Packing size (length * width * height) mm 2700*2000*2000

Product Detail

FX27P-60CNC high precision straight feed cylindrical grinding machine is full cover type, with the truss manipulator. It reclaims and unloads the material automatically.

The grinding machine equipped with active measuring device to realize full closed-loop control of grinding process.

Features :
●This equipment is a fully automatic CNC machining form integrating external cylindrical grinding machine and a robot. It can automatically load and unload in the grinding process, realize one-person multi-machine management mode, minimize labor cost and realize the establishment of industrial production line.

●The Siemens system controls the whole machine operation, including online measurement, and abnormal warning. The robot system can adapt to the processing of work-pieces of different shapes, it can effectively control the precision and consistency of the work-piece.

●The 90-degree rotary robot minimizes the cumbersome loading and unloading, redundant movements, and full monitoring of the work-piece to prevent the product from colliding with the machine and ensuring the safety of the operator.

●The overall structure of the grinding system is compact, maximizing the use of workshop space and excellent overall cost performance.

Optional Equipment
1.  Inner hole grinding device
2.  Outer diameter online automatic measuring instrument
3.  End face online automatic measuring instrument
4.  Magnet + paper belt filter
5.  Full cover sheet metal
6.  Roller sand repairing device

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