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Fully Automatic High Speed Circular Saw Machine P-80

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Technical Parameter :

Model Unit P-80
Cutting capacity
Round bar● mm 10-80
Square bar■ mm 10~55
Round pipe○ mm 10-80
Square pipe□ mm 10~55
Saw head spindle
Use TCT type Super hard circular saw blade mm 285 X 2.0T
Pin hole and aperture mm 4xφ11 XPCD63X φ32
Spindle motor kw 11
Spindle speed rpm 20-160
Saw head feeding method AC servo motor+ball screw(Horizontal feeding)
Main clamping vises Hydraulic, one set of vertical and horizontal clamping
Chips cleaning device Passive wire brush/power wire brush(optional)
Gear backlash compensation device Through shaft type magnetic powder brake
Workpiece feeding vise
Workpiece feeding drive method AC servo motor+ball screw
Feeding vise clamping method Hydraulic, horizontal clamping
Workpiece front end removal length mm 8~99(This function could be closed)
Workpiece final remnant length mm 70+α(α is smaller than the setup cutting length)
Single feeding length range mm 10-780
Automatic workpiece feeding device
Allowable length to be loaded mm 3000-6000
Feeding method Pre-queuing type|hydraulic lift
Hydraulic devices
Hydraulic motor kw 2.25(4P)
Rated pressure of hydraulic system MPa 7
Hydraulic tank capacity L 110
Machine size and weight
Weight(host machine+roller table) kg 4190
Size(LXW) mm 6505X3031

The main components of the equipment
The high-speed metal circular sawing machine is mainly composed of the machine bed, the power head part, the feed system, the automatic feeding device, the clamping device, the distributing device, the hydraulic system, the electrical system, the spray cooling system, the automatic lubrication system, and the chain plate chip conveyor. , Cutting fluid cooling device, saw blade cleaning device, etc.

1.Machine bed:
The whole bed is made of high-quality high-strength material casting, which is a key component of machine tool equipment. It has the characteristics of good overall rigidity, high strength, impact resistance, small deformation, and outstanding shock absorption performance, which can significantly improve the overall rigidity of the machine tool and the sawing stability and reliability of the machine tool.

2.Power head part:
The gear box body is integrally cast with high-quality, high-strength special materials, with high strength and impact resistance. The transmission gear made of high-performance gear material undergoes special heat treatment and precise grinding. At the same time, the gear anti-backlash mechanism is adopted to realize zero-backlash transmission, ensuring smooth transmission and average service life of the saw blade, and high transmission efficiency. All bearings adopt imported high-precision and high-strength bearings, so that the entire gearbox has low noise, stable operation and reliable transmission performance. The adoption of the unique optimized saw blade stabilization system can greatly improve the rigidity of the clamping circular saw blade, and more effectively reduce the vibration and deflection of the saw blade, so that the service life of the saw blade is greatly improved. The accuracy is reliably guaranteed.

3.Feeding system:
The servo motor drives the high-precision ball screw and the saw box for horizontal feeding, and the clamped workpiece is cut off with high precision and quickly.

4.The automatic feeding:
It adopts the advanced feeding method of servo motor + high-precision ball screw. The linear guide rail and the new vise local deflection method replace the overall deflection method of the original feeding device, which effectively improves the stability and efficiency of the feeding process. Performance, reliability, and automatic feeding accuracy.

5.Clamping device:
It is composed of a single level and a set of clamping devices for the upper clamp. Among them, the front and rear two sets of devices can be clamped and loosened at the same time, which more effectively ensures the reliability of clamping and the stability of the sawing process.

6.Material separation device:
It can facilitate the collection and processing of the material head and material tail, and automatically realize the separation and placement of the head and tail from the finished product.

7.Hydraulic system:
It is composed of independent oil tanks, concentrated blocks, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic components, executive components, etc., all of which are internationally renowned brands, with low failure rate, reliable performance, and stable and reliable implementation of various program actions.

8.Electrical system:
It is composed of electrical cabinet, touch screen, button switch, PLC, motor, contactor, relay, switch and auxiliary components. The machine tool can realize the whole process of numerical control, that is, except for the manual placement of the material racks, from the start of automatic material selection to the completion of sawing, including the processing of material head and material tail, all are automatically completed by the sawing line. The degree of automation is high, and various safety protection devices can ensure the safe and stable operation of the whole process of sawing line.

9.Alarm system:
When a situation occurs in the system, the system emits a flashing alarm, waiting for the confirmation of the operator, and can notify the maintenance personnel for maintenance in time. When the following situations occur, the system sends out an alarm signal: hydraulic failure alarm, spray cooling system failure alarm, air pressure system failure alarm, no material to be cut, and shutdown after 3 minutes.

10.Spray cooling system:
This system uses environmentally-friendly cutting oil for precise measurement of micro-lubrication. The well-designed nozzle sprays high-efficiency cutting oil on the saw teeth to reduce the generation of cutting heat. At the same time, the nozzle sprays high-efficiency cutting oil on both sides of the saw blade for lubrication, which can improve production efficiency, reduce production costs, and prevent environmental pollution. Improve the cutting quality and extend the service life of the saw blade.

11.Automatic lubrication system:
It can regularly and quantitatively inject lubricating oil on parts such as screw guide rails.

12.Feeding rack (standard):
Materials must be pr-arranged and placed on the rack manually. The Cluster feeding rack can be as option which with the hydraulic lifting system. The cluster feeding rack can lift the material from the place where it is placed and move it to the feeding position automatically.

13 Automatic chip removal system (standard):
The equipment is equipped with a chain plate type chip removal machine as standard, with two chip removal modes for continuous and intermittent operation, with forward and reverse rotation control.

Standard 6-meter-free Feeding Rack  Standard free automatic chip removal system  

14. Other configuration instructions:
1) The working area is equipped with waterproof and dust-proof LED lighting, which is suitable for night work;
2)The machine tool is equipped with three-color warning lights, indicating that the program is running in green, orange when the work cycle is completed, and the fault alarm status is red.

LED Light for night-shift working  Three-color warning lights show status

Main Parts

NO. Description Specifications and models Maker
1 Touch screen 7 inch DELTA
2 Control System PLC DELTA
3 Feeding servo motor 1.0KW DELTA
4 Feed Servo Motor 1.5KW DELTA
5 contactor 3TB40 22E / 3RT6018 Siemens
6 thermal relay 3UA50 40-1E / 3RU6116 Siemens
7 switching power supply NES-300-24 China,Taiwan Minwei
8 The electromagnetic valve 3C2/3C4 Japan Yuken
9 Spindle motor 11KW/4P China,Taiwan TECO
10 Seals / China,Taiwan NAK
11 Thin oil lubrication system YET-A2P2-02L26 China,Taiwan ISHAN
12 Screw guide / China,ANTISHI
13 Pre-arranged loading rack 6 meter China,ANTISHI

Optional Parts

1. List of free spare parts:

NO. Spare parts name QTY UNIT
1 Steel Cleaning Brush wheels 2 PCS

2. List of free Special tools:

NO. Special tools name QTY UNIT
1 Allen wrench 1 Set
2 screwdriver 2 Pcs
3 adjustable wrench 1 Pcs

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