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CNC EDM Hole Drilling Machine

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Technical Parameter :

Technical Items Unit SK703-3040 SK703-4050 SK703-5063 SK703-6380
Working desk size mm 460*740 540*840 640*1020 750*1180
X-Y axis travel mm 300*400 400*500 500*630 630*800
Control method CNC CNC CNC CNC
Spindle head stroke 400+260 400+260 400+260 400+260
Water tank capacity Liter 150 150 150 150
Workbench load KG 400 500 1000 1300
Electrode diameter mm 0.2-4 0.2-4 0.2-4 0.2-4
Working fluid Pure water Pure water Pure water Pure water
Machining current A 30 30 30 30
Maximum Piercing Speed Mm/min 50-70 50-70 50-70 50-70
Maximum processing power KW 3 3 3 3
Water pump pressure Mpa 8-12 8-12 8-12 8-12
Equipment size mm 1710*1300*1800 1900*1500*1800 2100*1700*1800 2300*2000*1800
Equipment weight KG 1300 1800 2500 3500

Product Details:
This machine is a high-speed EDM small hole machining equipment, using copper tube as electrode, guided by guide, applying high-efficiency pulse power supply between electrode and workpiece. A pulsed high-frequency discharge is generated between the workpiece and the workpiece, and the workpiece is eroded in a controlled manner. During processing, the high-pressure water quality working fluid is sprayed from the inner hole of the electrode, and the forced chip cooling is performed on the processing area to ensure the smooth progress of the processing. The processing aperture range is generally φ0.2-4mm, the depth-diameter ratio of the aperture around 1mm can reach more than 300:1, and the processing speed is generally 1-40mm/min. The hardness and toughness limit of the CNC EDM punching machine is a set of advanced functions such as Z-axis fixed depth precision machining, X-axis and Y-axis servo detection and other advanced functions. It is easy to use, simple to operate, stable and reliable, and has a wide range of applications. The product. It can process deep and precise small holes that are difficult to be processed by traditional processing methods such as cutting through holes, filter holes, air holes, group holes, and nozzle holes of various metals and superhard conductors.

EDM punching machine is suitable for processing various conductive materials such as stainless steel, hardened steel, cemented carbide, copper and aluminum. This machine tool can be used to process threading holes for fast-travel wire cutting, oil injection holes for oil nozzles and oil pumps, spinneret holes for chemical spinnerets, oil passage holes for hydraulic and pneumatic components, filter plates, group holes for sieve plates, and holes in engines. The deep and small holes that are difficult to be processed by various traditional processing methods such as cooling and cooling holes, this machine tool has a large number of users at home and abroad.

1. The machine bed, column, spindle box and other key parts are all made of Meehanna (dense baking) castings, with stable structure and permanent quality. The castings have been calculated and analyzed by finite element analysis method, and the reasonable structural strength and the matching of reinforcing ribs provide high mechanical rigidity. The grade of casting material is FC-300. The casting structure adopts integrated molding technology, and the box structure is processed by a large-scale pentahedron processing machine, which is completed in one clamping. The machine tool has high rigidity, high strength, and good geometric shape and position accuracy. And can ensure the long-term stability and high precision of the machine tool.

2. Using line rail support, it can support heavy loads, move quickly, and ensure accurate positioning.

3. The marble base is wide and solid, the heavy load is fully supported, and the structure is solid, which can ensure the heavy load capacity during processing.

4. The spindle head is strengthened with muscles and bones, and the contact length ratio between the spindle head and the column is appropriate to provide stable support for the spindle.

5. The three-axis motor and the precision high-speed ball screw are directly driven and pre-pulled to enhance rigidity and improve precision. X/Y axis is supported by linear slide rail Z axis hard rail, which can do rapid displacement and obtain good circle accuracy. Ensure accurate positioning.

6. The electrical box adopts the side hanging design, which saves the floor space and enables the limited space to be widely used.

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