Plasma laser tube cutting machine

5 Axis Fiber Laser Tube Cutting Machine

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Technical Parameter :

Model 6012 3000W
Cuttable Material Type Round tube, Square tube,Rectangular tube,Channel steel,Angle steel  H shape steel
Fiber cutting tube wall thickness Max 20mm  quality 16mm or less
Cut material length 12000mm
Diagonal Section 30-600mm
Overall body length 14000mm
Overall length of the machine 16000mm
Equipment weight 5500KG
Positioning accuracy 0.05-0.1mm
Cutting accuracy 0.2-0.6mm
Max cutting speed 30m/min
Laser source electricity consumption 3KW
Lathe electricity consumption 8KW
Water chiller electricity consumption 3KW

Product Details
This machine is used for cutting metal round and square tubes, channel steel, angle steel, H shape steel etc. It adopts a 19-inch high-resolution LCD color display, which can display cutting graphics and cutting running tracks. Cutting programs can be edited manually.

It adopts five-axis perfect cutting, which can cut round pipe, square pipe, channel steel and angle steel H shape steel .

In addition, it supports functions such as pause, forward, backward, and speed regulation during processing.

It can store 200G files and can be used at will. It is driven by high-efficiency servo motor, with fast speed, high efficiency, high precision and stable operation. High-flexible shielded wire is used to truly resist high-frequency interference.

It is suitable for various fiber optic models. The movable beam can save tailings.

The front chuck is equipped with two sets of intelligent follow-up splicing devices to facilitate the For long material processing requirements, there is a set of intelligent follow-up material support systems in between, so as to avoid Buyer’s long material sagging and affecting the cutting accuracy.

No. Name Model
1 Electrical control cabinet ZLQ-XGEC
2 Laser 3000W
3 CNC pipe cutting system EOE-HZH
4 Bed composition Double bottom beam design 14m
5 Servo drives and motors 1.0KW
6 Front and rear chuck motors 1.0KW
7 Rack thickness 6mm base/8mm X beam
8 X Z axis motor 400W
9 Y-axis motor 750W
10 Reducer 40:01:00
11 Spin chuck Diagonal 30-600mm
12 Front chuck Manual double-action design self-centering
13 Rear chuck Pneumatic single-acting design self-centering
14 Laser head 1 set
15 Machine head gantry 1set
16 Train track 14 sets (2m/set)
17 Heavy-Duty Front Catcher Unit 2 sets,with buffing
18 Heavy-duty intermediate support system 1 set,with buffing
19 Cable Heat resistance grade PE-7, plus shield
20 Computer Industrial control high and low temperature computer
21 Distribution box Add two more cooling treatments
22 Move the wheel Increased anti-wear and anti-warping design
23 Chiller 3000w

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