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Regarding bench drills, vertical drills, and radial drills, are you still stupidly confused?

There are various types of bench drills on the market. The mainstream ones are bench drills, vertical drills and radial drills. Many people can’t tell how to choose. Today, it’s from ANTS MACHINE.

The company will take you to learn more about:
Bench drill is a kind of small hole processing machine with delicate volume and simple operation. It is generally installed on a special workbench and used for drilling holes in small parts. It is a small drilling equipment. The general processing range is below 25MM. Height Generally, it is also under 1.5 meters. Most of the height is 1 meter. It is mostly placed on the work surface, and the power transmission is mostly belt transmission. It is used for drilling small workpieces and can be used on the case. It is suitable for drilling diameters below 30. hole.

Vertical drill: It is used to drill small and medium-sized parts. It is a large-scale drilling preparation. The general processing range is more than 25MM, and the height is generally more than 1.5 meters. Generally, it is placed on the ground to work. The power transmission is mostly gear transmission. Use. It is suitable for drilling, reaming and reaming of larger workpieces, with strong stability, high precision and strong drilling force. It is suitable for drilling workpieces with a diameter of less than 50.

The radial drill is on the foundation of the general drilling machine, and the weight can reach several tons or even dozens of tons. It is used to drill large parts. It is a large-scale drilling equipment. Its characteristic is that the arm is relatively long, and the general length is 0.7 meters, 1 meter, 1.3 meters, 1.6 meters and more. That is to say, the column of the machine is away from the main shaft. The centerline size is relatively large and adjustable. Bench drills and vertical drills generally do not have this function. As for the radial drill, it is suitable for adding to the workpiece with relatively large dimensions, and the processing capacity is generally below 60MM. The power transmission is mostly gear transmission. Method. It is used for drilling multiple parts of large workpieces, with strong flexibility and easy operation.

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