Slow Wire Cutting Machine

AC servo slow wire cutting machine

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Technical Parameter :

Project Unit CK400F CK400S CK400L
X, Y, Z axis travel mm 400X300X260
U, V axis travel mm 80X80
Maximum workpiece size [WxDxH] mm 960X690X255
Workpiece weight kg 500 400
X,Y feed speed mm/min Max.800 Max.1800
Motor system ais X·Y·U·V·Z axis AC servo motor X·Y axis linear motor/U·V·Z axis AC servo motor
Wire diameter (standard) mm ∅0.15-0.3(0.25)
Thread tension gf 300-2500
Maximum cutting slope (°)/workpiece thickness ±17.8°/80mm(wide angle nozzle,DA+DB=15mm)
Mechanical net weight (with water system) kg 3200 3650
Processing fluid power system device
Filtration capacity L 340 809
Filter method Paper Net
Water quality control Auto
Liquid temperature control Auto
Processing power
Loop mode Power MOS Transistor
Maximum output current 25
Set unit A 0.001
Maximum command value mm ±9999.999
Dimensions [WxDxH] mm 2332X2145X2108 2431X2285X2108
Maximum Power Consumption mm 3-phase 220V±5%/11KVA

Equipment Introductions
Shanghai ANTISHICNC “CK” series integrated wire-cutting machine tool is a Submersible Linear Motor slow-feeding wire-cutting machine with X /Y /Z/U/V travel with 400*300*260*80*80mm
high-precision multi-axis CNC medium-feeding wire cutting machine tool, with high reliability and high processing stability. The machine tool adopts the “mechanical and electrical integration” design as a whole, and has many highlights such as a smaller footprint.
Standard processing accuracy: dimensional accuracy≤5μm Ra≤0.58 μm (processing conditions are as follows)
1) Cutting times: 3 times;
2) Workpiece thickness: 50mm;
3) Copper wire: 0.2mm;
4) Material: SKD11
5) Cutting shape: (10*10mm) octagonal;
6) Water temperature, room temperature: 25℃±2℃

NO. ITEM Description QTY NO. ITEM Description QTY
1 Ion exchange resin 10 L 18 Socket head bolts with round head 90 4
2 paper net 2 19 Round head hexagon socket bolt 80 4
3 Diamond eye mask take and pay jig 1 20 Socket head bolts with round head 70 4
4 Diamond Eye Mask (0.26mm) 2 21 Socket head bolts with round head 50 4
5 Copper wire (0.25mm) 1 roll 22 Socket head cap bolts 40 4
6 Giving electrons (polishing) 2 23 Socket head bolts with round head 30 4
7 Water nozzle 6 24 Socket head bolts with round head 20 4
8 Spring 1 25 Filter 1
9 Vertical Corrector (Discharge Block) 1 26 19 inch TFT LCD monitor 1
10 work fixture 2+2 27 DC traditional power supply 1
11 LCD wire control box 1 28 AC non-electrolytic power supply 1
12 OV power supply 1 29 Freezer 1
13 Socket head bolts with round head 110 4 30 Stabilized transformer 1
14 Round head hexagon socket bolt 100 4 31 ANTISHICNC dedicated U disk 2

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