Horizontal Mitre Cutting Bandsaws

Horizontal Rotary Angel Metal Band Saw Machine G4240X70Z

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Technical Parameter :

Technical SPEC| Model G4240X70Z
90° Circular cutting capacity 400 mm
90° Rectangular cutting capacity 400*700 mm
60° Circular cutting capacity N/A
60° Rectangular cutting capacity N/A
45° Circular cutting capacity 400 mm
45° Rectangular cutting size 400*400 mm
Blade Speed  m/min 20/30/43/54/65
Blade size(mm) 41×1.3×5500 mm
Saw blade tension type Manual
Main motor power 4 kw
Feeding method Manual
Angle rotate driving type Manual
Machine weight kg 2500 kg
Overall dimension mm 2650x1800x1950 mm

Product Details
This saw machine is mainly used for angle sawing of profiles. The saw frame can rotate 0-45° around the rotation center under the drive of the screw rod.

The saw machine adopts a double-column structure to ensure the reliability, stability and advancement of the structure. The functions of each part have margins, and at the same time, it also ensures high-quality sawing accuracy.

Standard Equipment of the saw machine
Main Saw machine body
Hydraulic/Electrical control system
Clamping system
Saw blade tension system
Angle rotation device
Cooling/Sweeping system
Operator manual

Optional Parts and Optional Equipment

NO. Spare parts Description Specification Function
1 detachable rack  2 meter Take the load of materials
2 Pressure reducing valve  Clamping force regulation at Hydraulic station Adjustable vise pressure (suitable for cutting thin-walled tubes)
3 Saw blades  41×1.3×5500 mm Consumable cutting parts
4 Hydraulic saw blade tension Hydraulic Control Hydraulic tension
5 Laser projector G4240X70Z Project a red line to the worktable for easy blade setting

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