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Brown composite machine tool guide rail soft belt
Name Parameter Remark
Wear 0.005mm/100km P=1.2MPa V=10m/min
Friction coefficient 0.16 F=250N,n=200r/min, No. 30 engine oil
Compression deformation rate 0.08% P1.2MPa  t=24h
Limit value of PV 0.68MPa㎧ V=1.0m/s,dry rub
Adhesive shear strength 12MPa Hg4-853-81
Specific gravity 3.3
Storage period 15 years Keep away from light and retest after expiration

ANTISHICNC composite machine tool guide soft belt can be widely used in the manufacturing and maintenance of various machine tool guides and mechanical sliding guides for food, textile, printing, chemical, stone, dam gate, precision measuring instrument, etc. It is a kind of flexible guide belt with excellent performance and long service life that can replace the imported one

1.Super wear-resistant, its service life is about 8-10 times of that of traditional cast iron guide rail. Moreover, the hardness of the soft strip of the guide rail of the ANTISHICNC composite machine tool is lower than that of the metal, and its wear is mainly on the soft strip of the guide rail of the ANTISHICNC composite machine tool, so it can effectively avoid the concave of the guide rail of the machine body, and ensure the accuracy of the guide rail of the machine tool for a long time.

2.The dynamic and static friction coefficients are similar, which shall be checked within 0.002-75m/min. The motion shall be stable, uniform, and free of creeping and shaking. It can fully meet the requirements of micro feed positioning of CNC machine tools.

3.Superior friction and wear characteristics, good shock absorption and damping, improve the machining accuracy of the machine tool. Low friction coefficient, oil lubrication friction coefficient is 0.16, dry friction coefficient is 0.18, which can reduce the energy consumption of machine tool drive by more than 20%

4. Excellent self-lubricating property, which can effectively prevent the guide rail from being bitten when the wear-resistant lubrication friction system fails.

5. One side of the soft belt of the guide rail of the ANTISHICNC composite machine tool has been activated and has good adhesion. During bonding, the single pressure distribution method is used to apply medium pressure. After curing, it is only necessary to slightly cover the soft belt of the guide rail of the ANTISHICNC composite machine tool to make its contact area reach more than 75%, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of the work, and shortens the construction period, and has significant economic and technical benefits.

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