Combined laser cutting machine

EOE3050 Laser and Plasma Integrated Cutting Machine

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Technical Parameter :

Name Unit Paramerers
Machine model EOE3015
Laser Source w MAX1000
Water cooler Power kw 1
Software Cypcut
Guide EOE
Rack EOE
Servo Motor 750W EOE
Reducer EOE
Minimum cutting width mm 0.08-0.1
Maximum cutting thickness mm 8Carbon steel
4stainless steel
Maximum moving speed m/min 120
Electricity requirements v/hz 380/50,60
Graphic Format Supported PRO/E.UG, Solidworks
Acceleration G 0.5
Total power kw 7
Presser of N2/O2/AIR bar 15-20/6-8/15-30
Total Weight t 3
Work per day h 16
Lay out m 3.7*2.3*1.6
Oil Box Auto Oil Injection System
Laser source KW 1
Machine bed KW 5
Water chiller system KW 1

Product Details
Weihong control system
Domestic EOE 750w servo motor with brake
High-precision square rail
Industrial heavy-duty body, with a professional charging trolley
Industrial computer With a 19-inch screen, it is more in line with the habit of using a computer.
Swiss ray tool laser head with red light positioning operation is more stable and convenient
MAX1000W laser
High-precision planetary speed reducer
Dual cooler is more professional and can work for the long term
The new appearance design is more beautiful
Pressure-resistant and explosion-proof water pipes and air pipes ensure the safe and stable operation of the machine under special circumstances
Laser high-grinding tooth strips
Fully enclosed fireproof is a high and low temperature towline, which ensures the safety of the operation site
X-axis flame retardant dust cover
French Schneider Festival devices
Highly flexible, anti-breaking, cable that can shield external interference signals
Fully automatic oiling system
Easy-to-feed bull’s eye wheel
High-strength body leveling feet, more suitable for different venues of customers, ensuring high quality Operational cutting
Professional serrated blade (with anti-scratch iron plate function)
Air cushion film cling film pearl cotton three-layer soft packaging standard
Standard outlet wooden box(Metal square pipe reinforcement support below for easy unloading)

Main Parts & Standard Equipment

Control system
Servo motor with brake
Square rail
Industrial computer
Swiss ray tool laser head with red light
Dual cooler
Oiling system

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