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Fully Automatic Pipe Bender DW50CNC-2A-1S

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Technical Parameter :

Specifications DW50CNC-2A-1S   Remark
Maximum bending pipe diameter ×Wall thickness Φ50mm×3mm 1. The minimum bending radius is based on the diameter of the pipe.
2. Maximum bending radius can be according to customer requirements.
3. The maximum core length can be according to customer requirements.
Carbon steel pipe
Maximum bending radius R250mm
Minimum bending radius R≧1.5D
Maximum bending Angle 190°
Maximum feeding length 2200mm
Feeding method Direct delivery
Working speed Bending speed Max 85°/s
Tubing speed Max 200°/s
Feeding speed Max 1000mm/s
Working accuracy Bending accuracy ±0.1°
Tubing accuracy ±0.1°
Feeding accuracy ±0.1mm
Information input mode 1. coordinate(X . Y. Z)
2. Working value(Y. B. C)
Bend way Hydraulic bending
Corner servo motor 750w
Feed servo motor 1000w
Pipe fittings allow elbows 50
Number of parts that can be stored 500
Oil motor power 5.5kw
Maximum system pressure 12 Mpa
Machine dimensions 4100x800x1300mm
Machine weight 1300kg


1.A touch screen display, CNC computer operation, can store 500 sets of memory.

2.Rebound compensation value setting procedures, procedures and processing data security functions.

3.Corner, feeding, bending are servo controlled.

4.The operating system is equipped with password, key, and quantity and time record for production management.

5.It has the function of slow bending and slow core pulling.

6.Error messages are displayed on the screen to help the operator clear them immediately.

Main Parts for the machine

Name Specification Supplier
Hydraulic motor 5.5KW China
The oil pump PVL1-19 China
Pressure valve 02W Taiwan’s seven ocean
Solenoid valve G02-2C-DC24 Taiwan’s seven ocean
The overflow valve 2B3B-D24 Taiwan’s seven ocean
Sealing ring / Taiwan CHO
Pressure gauge 0-25Mpa China
AC contactor LCED1801 Taiwan TAIAN
touch screen 10 inch China
Switching power 24V Taiwan MEAN WELL
Corner servo motor 750W Japan MITSUBISHI
Feed servo motor 1000W Japan MITSUBISHI
Smart transformer SG-3K China
Linear Guide 20*2600 Taiwan
1.Corner reducer

2.Feed reducer



Central controller / China/Japan MITSUBISHI
Relay RXM2MB Taiwan TAIAN
thermal relay LR-16B Taiwan TAIAN

Remark:The accessories in the configuration list allow the manufacturer to change the accessory brand to a higher level according to the material supply. Users can purchase other brand accessories according to their needs.

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