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Fully Automatic Servo Rounding Machine GY100CNC-1A-3

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Technical Parameter :

Main specifications GY100CNC-1A-3 Remark
Max. pipe bending capacity Φ100mm x 8mmCarbon steel pipe Specifications can be according to customer requirements
Mini. elbow radius (R﹥300 according to pipe material)
Bending speed adjustable
The mold diameter 300mm
Shaft diameter 100mm
Compression servo 5KW
Machine size/weight According to the machine

Meet the following processing requirements:
For square/rectangular:


This equipment is a custom-made special equipment. According to the characteristics of the customer’s product, the main machine adopts servo rounding, PLC control system, and full gear transmission mechanism. The man-machine dialogue is simple and the efficiency is high. Arcs of different radii can be realized on the same material;
1. Fully mechanical transmission with compact structure and high reliability
2. Adopt high-performance imported hydraulic valve components.
3. Driven by seven rollers, it is not easy to slip, and thin-walled materials can also be bent.
4. The rollers on both sides are distributed asymmetrically to reduce the straight section.
5. Foot switch accelerates emergency stop, easy to operate
6. The drive of the machine is balanced, only need to adjust the compression, can obtain different curvature of the circle, arc or spiral.
7. Changing the groove shape of the mold can process various metal profiles, such as angle steel, flat steel, round pipe and other special-shaped cross-section profiles.
8. Bending large-radius profiles avoids the disadvantages of making extra-large pipe bending molds, and is a necessary supplement that series single-head and double-head pipe benders cannot achieve.
9. This machine is suitable for medium and large batch production, with high speed and high efficiency.


Main Parts for the machine

Specifications Supplier
Main electrical appliances Taiwan
Starting from the spindle China
The nose China
Induction switch China
Switching power supply Taiwan Ming weft
Bearing China
Ball screw Taiwan
Touch screen WEILUN
Servo motor Mitsubishi , Japan
Servo drive Mitsubishi , Japan
Transformer China
PLC Mitsubishi , Japan
Reducer China

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