Horizontal Mitre Cutting Bandsaws

Horizontal Mitre Band Saw Machine CLS-650

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Technical Parameter CLS-650 Horizontal Mitre band sawing machine
Cutting Dimensions
Round(mm) Square(mm) Rectangular(mm)
90º 380 90º 380×380 90º 650×380
45º right 380 45º right 380×380 45º right 380×380
60º right 280 60º right 280×280 60º right 280×280
45º left 380 45º left 380×380 45º left 380×380
60º left 280 60º left 280×280 60º left 280×280
Saw blade
Speed 20 to 85(INVERTER)
Size 41×1.25x5750mm
Guides Carbide and bearing blade guides
Cleaning Wire brush & flood coolant
Tension Hydraulic
Motor output
Blade 4.0kw
Hydraulic 1.5kw
Coolant 0.09kw
Work feeding Manual
Work Vice Hydraulic
Weight 2340KG
Packing Size 3240*1190*2050mm

Product Details
This machine tool is mainly designed for profile sawing, especially for H, I-beam and other profile sawing surfaces that change greatly and are easy to punch. It has the characteristics of high cutting efficiency, energy saving, narrow saw edge, energy saving and material saving, and simple operation. It is mainly used for sawing of steel structural parts, steel pipes, etc.
This machine tool adopts scissors structure to ensure structural reliability, stability and advancement, as well as high-quality sawing accuracy, and can perform angle sawing between -60°~+60º.

This machine consists of the main components
1. Base
2. Main drive system
3. Clamping device
4. Saw frame
5. Guiding device
6. Rotary system
7. Saw blade hydraulic tension and broken belt protection device
8. Cooling system
9. Hydraulic system
10. Electrical system

Function description of each part
1. Base: The base is welded with high-quality steel plates. After vibration aging treatment, the welding deformation is small. It is mainly used to install various parts of the machine tool. The lifting cylinder and clamping vise are respectively installed on the corner seat. At the same time, the right end is a water tank. For cooling during sawing.

2. Main transmission system: The main transmission system of the machine tool is composed of a reducer, a driving wheel, etc. The reducer and the driving wheel are directly connected, and the transmission is stable and no impact. The speed of the driving wheel is adjusted by a special frequency converter to obtain a variety of cutting speeds to meet the sawing of different materials.

3. Clamping device: The clamping of the machine tool adopts hydraulic vise clamping. The workpiece is clamped by the jaws driven by the hydraulic cylinder, and the maximum opening of the vise is 650mm

4. Saw frame: The saw frame is a bow-shaped structure, which is divided into left and right saw frame boxes and beams. The saw frame plate is made of high-quality steel plates and welded by reasonable reinforcing ribs. After vibration aging, the welding stress will be redistributed and eliminated. , thus ensuring the stability of the saw frame. The driving wheel, tension wheel, and left and right guide devices are all installed on the saw frame. When the machine tool is working, the saw wheel rotates counterclockwise.

5. Guiding device: The guiding of this machine tool is a movable guide arm and a movable guide seat, and the movement of the movable guide arm adopts manual movement. After the adjustment is completed, the locking of the guide arm is manually locked by the dovetail device. The top and sides of the guide seat are made of hard alloy, and there is a pre-guide device to ensure the stability of the guide and prolong the service life of the saw blade.

6. Rotation system: The rotation system is composed of a corner seat, a hydraulic cylinder, a rack, a driven large gear, and a corner locking seat. The linear motion of the rack is converted into a mechanical rotary motion through the cylinder, which is directly driven by the rack. The rotation of the driven large gear can make the entire saw frame rotate -60°-+60° to meet the requirements of the sawing angle, and the vice on the workbench does not rotate.

7. Saw blade tensioning and belt breaking protection device: The saw blade is tensioned by hydraulic tension. After the band saw blade is loaded into the driving wheel and the tensioning wheel, the band saw blade is tensioned and loosened by operating the manual valve. A proximity switch is installed on the back of the driven wheel. When the band saw blade breaks, it will send a signal to the frequency converter, and the machine will stop automatically to prevent accidents.

8. Cooling system: In order to prolong the service life of the saw blade, prevent the saw blade from heating, and ensure the cutting accuracy, the machine tool adopts a cooling pump for centralized cooling, and the cooling point is at the position of the movable guide arm.

9. Hydraulic system : The hydraulic system consists of a hydraulic station, which is mainly composed of 1 oil tank, 1 hydraulic motor, 1 oil pump, 1 speed regulating valve, multiple solenoid valves, 1 manual valve, etc. The hydraulic station is installed inside the base .

10. Electrical control system: The machine tool is designed with a separate electrical control cabinet. All electrical components are installed in the electrical cabinet. To ensure safety, interlocks are provided between each action. Specifically: the vise is not clamped, and the main drive cannot work; during the sawing process, the vise must not be loosened.

Standard Equipment
1.Blade cleaning brush.
2.Working light
3.Saw frame height selector gauge
4.Out feed with auxiliary plate table
5.One piece of bi-metal saw blade.
6.One set of tools with tool box
7.Roller table 1M long
8.Hydraulic blade tension

Optional Equipment
1. Spiral Chip Conveyor
2. 2 meters detachable rack
3. Tool setting light
4. Pressure reducing valve

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