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Laser Welding Machine 1500

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Technical Parameter :

item Parameter
Model 1500
Laser power 1500W
Voltage 380 V /50HZ
Fiber length 10M (15m optional)
Woking mode Continuous / modulation
Welding gap ≤1mm
Cooling water 1500kw
Temperature 15~35 ℃
Humidity < 70%
Welding thickness 0.5-3mm

Product Introduction
Laser welding is a kind of processing method of welding materials with high energy density laser beam as heat source. It has the advantages of simple operation, beautiful weld seam, fast welding speed and no consumables.
In recent years, due to the continuous development of materials, and technology, laser welding has been widely used in the welding of plastics, metals, etc. in automobiles, sensors, electronics, stainless steel processing, cabinet kitchens, stair elevators, shelves, ovens, door and window guardrails, distribution boxes and other industries. Laser welding will continue to replace traditional welding methods such as argon arc welding.

Product Features & Advantages
Low consumables and long life.
Fast welding speed , 2-3 times faster than the traditional welding.
Simple operation, no need to hire professional welding personnel, reduce investment costs.
High safety, with multiple safety alarms, automatically lock light after removing the workpiece.
The weld seam is smooth and beautiful, no deformation, reduce the subsequent grinding process, saving time and costs.
The second-generation laser head, with a spot diameter of 0.5-6mm, solves the disadvantage of small soldering spot and better weld formation.

2 years (except for consumables)
Our welding machine head can be used for cutting, welding and cleaning work.(Our special design)
We can provide various types of nozzles to help you achieve dynamic welding applications of different materials.
At the same time, we also support your automatic feeder.(Automatic wire feeding function)
Welding wire includes: iron wire copper wire, wire delivery speed can be adjusted through the program code
The wire sending function of the welding machine is used for the abnormal plate, and the balance can be maintained through the welding wire
The gas used for welding machine is divided into: air oxygen, nitrogen and argon gas (with multi-layer protection, strong welding)
Welding machine consumables: protection mirror, only the lower protection mirror, no protection mirror (only 1 piece) mouth (the replacement time is related to the technical personnel, 2-March or half a year)
The cleaning machine can be changed to remove rust.

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