Special Sawing Machine

Special sawing machine (GB4240/60)

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Product description:
Thread steel cutting
● Used for on-line sawing in front of the furnace, and matching with the tractor;
● HHydraulic control saw feed, stepless adjustable
● The workpiece is clamped by hydraulic double vice, so that sawing is more stable;
● Belt saw blade adopts rolling bearing and carbide alloy guide to prolong the service life of saw blade;
● The band saw has a pneumatic leveling device to improve the length cycle accuracy of the thread steel.

Sawing Capacity (mm) Round Cutting : 50mm
Rectangular: 50X600mm
Band saw wire speed (m/min) 25 / 35 / 50 / 70 / 90
Band saw wire specifications (mm) 41 x 1.3 x 5460 Main motor power (kw) 4 (6P)
Hydraulic motor (kw) 1.5 Cooling pump (kw) 0.06
Work clamping method Hydraulic vice Saw blade tensioning method Manual
Active transmission structure Turbine drive Feeding mode
Overall size (mm) 2655 x 2320 x 1250 Height of table (mm) 1255

* PLC programming control, touch screen, you can preset 10 sets of sawing process parameters.
* A saw cutting device can be configured according to requirements.

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