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Bundled Profiles Cutting Automatic Horizontal Band Saw Machine GZ4250H

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Technical Parameter :

Maximum sawing range Height: 500 mm
Width: 500 mm
main motor power 5.5kW 4P
Band saw blade specifications 41×1.3x 5700 mm Hydraulic motor power 0.75kW
Band saw blade cutting speed 40/55/70/90 m/min Cooling pump power 120W
Band saw blade feed speed Stepless speed regulation Saw blade angle 7.3°
Single feed length 500mm

*Extreme sawing: 400 × 400mm bundled square tube (wall thickness 3mm), sawing time: 5 minutes 8 seconds

Product description:

1.Special CNC sawing machine for bundled section sawing

2. Main drive wheel structure

3. Extra large saw blade angle is more suitable for profile cutting

4. Gantry up pressure structure

5. Automatic matching lower limit, no need to adjust the lower limit when cutting different widths

6. The third jaw (optional) can realize tailing sawing without turning around.

Standard Equipment:
Blade cleaning brush.
Working light
One piece of bi-metal saw blade.
One set of tools with tool box
Roller table 1M long
Top clamping device at back side

Optional Equipment:
Spiral Chip Conveyor
Saw Belt Hydraulic Tensioning
Laser projector
2 meters detachable rack
Press-up device (installed on a vice)
Pressure reducing valve

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