Vertical Machining Centre (VMC)

VMC850 Vertical Machining Center

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Technical Parameter :

 Parameters / Model Unit VMC850
Table Size(length*width) mm 1000×500
Max Loading Weight kg 500
Number-width x distance mm 5-18×90
XYIZ Travel mm 800/500/500
Max .Distance From spindle nose to Table Surface mm 150-650
Spindle center to Z axis guide surface mm 570
Spindle motor power kW 7.5/11
Max. Spindle Speed rpm 10000
Spindle Taper BT40
3 axis rapid speed m/min 48/48/36
Max cutting speed m/min 10
Pull stud MAS403 BT40-45°
ATC capacity BT40-24T
Max. Diameter of to’length mm Φ85×350
Positioning Accuracy mm ±0.004
Repeatability Accuracy mm ±0.003
Machine Size (L”W*H) mm 2700x2500x2650
Machine Weight Kg 5300

Product Features:

The machine tool adopts a new generation of vertical machining center with high precision, high speed and high rigidity developed by 3D computer-aided design and finite element analysis. The guide rail adopts three-line rail (or two-line one-hard) guide rails, and the maximum rapid speed can reach 48m / min, spindle speed 6000 to 15000 rpm optional positioning accuracy <4μm, repeated positioning <3μm; suitable for various mechanical processing fields such as mold, military industry, hardware, auto parts and so on.

Product Description :

VMC series vertical machining center inherits the advantages of strong rigidity, symmetrical struc-ture and strong stability of the foundation frame of the traditional vertical CNC milling machine,introduces the international advanced dynamic rigidity design concept, and optimizes the design of the moving parts.

Machine torque, quick response characteristics, suitable for automotive, mold, aerospace, military, hardware and other mechanical processing needs.
Machine torque, quick response characteristics, suitable for automotive, mold, aerospace, military, hardware and other mechanical processing needs.High rigidity,High  reliability,High degree of mechatronics,The operation is simple,The over-all shape is beautiful and generous,Especially suitable for small batch or single processing.
Number Standard configuration Number Special configuration
1 The back row chip full cover sheet metal without the chip 1 Front row chip full cover sheet metal belt chip remover
2 Drawer type water tank and chip box 2 Central outlet function of spindle
3 Backward impact chip washing device 3 3 axis linear scale
4 Full-function operation panel and handwheel 4 Function of the fourth axis
5 ATC 5 Spindle oil cooling function
6 Belt drive spindle 6 Straight connection drive spindle
7 Sprinkler cooling system at the spindle side 7 Oil-water separation device
8 Air cooling system at spindle side 8 Workpiece and tool measuring device
9 Heat exchange device of electric cabinet 9 Door open switch
10 Work area cleaning water gun, air gun 10 High speed and high precision functions
11 Working light and alarm light 11 Column elevation (bridge type or height block)

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