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4H 5H 4HW 5HW Series Turret milling machine

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Technical Parameter :

Specifications 4H 5H 4HW 5HW
Table size(mm) 1270X254 1370X305 1370X305 1570X320
X axis travel(mm) 780-850 770-880 770-850 970-1070
Y axis travel(mm) 400 380 380-420 380-420
Z axis travel(mm) 450 450 400 450
T slot(number-width*pitch) 3-16*50 3-16*50 3-16*50 3-16*50
Distance between spindle nose and table surface(mm) 420 440 540 540
Spindle taper R8 NT40 R8/ISO40 NT40/ISO40
Spindle travel(mm) 127 127 127 127
Spindle speed range(steps)(rpm) 60HZ:60-4540 50HZ:66-5440 Vertical/Horizontal(60-4540(16steps)/40-1350(12steps))
Spindle feed range(steps)(mm) 3steps 0.04(0.0015)/0.08(0.003)/0.15(0.006)
Spindlemain motor power (KW) 2.2kw/3HP 3.7kw/5HP V/H(2.2/3) V/H(3.75/3)
Head rotation(left-right) 90° 90° 90° 90°
Head rotation(front-rear) 45° 45° 45° 45°
Packing size(mm) 1700X1600X2000 1700X1600X2000 1800X1780X2350 1800X1780X2350
rough weight(kg) 1200 1350 1400 1400

4H 5H 4HW 5HW Series Turret milling machine
Turret milling machine is a lightweight universal metal cutting machine,
with vertical and horizontal milling two functions.

It can mill the planes, bevels, grooves and splines of medium and small parts.
Widely used in machining, Mold, instrument, instrument and other industries.

Optional configuration
2or3 Axis DRO
X/Y Axis Automatic feed
Z – Axis electric lift
Dividing head

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