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X6230 Series Universal Swivel Head Milling Machine

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Technical Parameter :

Items X6230 X6230A X6230B X6230C
Working area
Worktable size (L×W) 1270x300mm 1370x300mm 1270x300mm 1370x300mm
T slot (Width x No. x pitch) 14x3x80mm
Max. load of table 300kg
Table rotation optional: ±45˚
Distance from spindle nose to table 100-500mm
Worktable longitudinal travel (X) 720mm 820mm 900mm 1000mm
Worktable cross travel (Y) 300mm

(If with DRO:280mm)


(If with DRO:360mm)

Worktable vertical travel (Z) 400mm
Spindle speed 11 steps; 45-1660rpm
Spindle taper 7:24, ISO40
Motor power 3kW
Milling head swivel angel ±360°
Rapid feed (X/Y/Z) 1335/1335/1000mm/min
Feed range (X/Y) 30-830mm/min
Feed range (Z) 23-625mm/min
Machine size (L×W×H) 1730x1760x1700








Net weight 1800kg 1850kg 1850kg 1900kg

Equipment Introductions
X6230 series Universal Swivel Head Milling machine a mature product mainly exported by ANTISHICNC company. The whole machine has a compact structure, beautiful and pleasant appearance. Its suitable for drilling , hole-expansion, reaming, bevel edge,and tapping, for surface milling, step plane ,slope ,and milling groove , for cutting and milling curve ,curve surface and cam.Have the function of step-less speed and automatic speed change to gain large torque with low speed, suitable for processing thick cutting depth and larger-diameter hole.The fuselage and main components are high strength cast iron, micro structure stability, ensure the stability of machine tool for long-term use.

Product Details
• Universal vertical head can swivel 360°, swivel head can change between vertical and horizontal milling mode
• Spindles are driven by gearbox directly, for powerful milling
• Work table feed is driven by servo motor, good accuracy, low noise, and easy to operate. One lever can select table feed directions
• Brief design of control panel, for easy operation (DRO is optional)


Standard Equipment:
Mill cutter holder ISO40-Ф27
8pcs milling chuck with collects ISO40
Machine vise 5”
Draw bar
Lifting crank
Working lamp
Coolant system
Tool & tool box
Operator manual

Optional accessories:(need extra cost)
3-axis Digital Read Out
Dividing head 100mm (manual)
Rotary table 200mm
Machine vise 6”
15pcs milling chuck with collects
58pcs Clamping kits
New design aluminum hang arm
Spindle protection cover
Worktable protection cover
LED work lamp
Automatic centralized oil lubrication
Schneider electric components

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