Horizontal Straight Cutting Bandsaws

330 fully automatic PLC control horizontal cutting bandsaws

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Technical Parameter :

Technical Specifications 330A 330B
Cutting capacity 0° (flat) (length x width) 330*330mm 330*330mm
Cutting capacity 0° (round) 330mm 330mm
Cutting capacity 0° (square) 330*330mm 330*330mm
Cutting speed infinitely variable 25/45/64/80m/min 20~80m/min
Stop length(single stroke) 500mm 500mm
Accuracy of the feeding(single feeding) ±0.2mm ±0.2mm
Saw blade size 34*1.1*4115mm 34*1.1*4115mm
Saw blade tension type Manual Hydrualic
Workbench height 685mm 685mm
Motor rating main drive 4kw 4kw
Motor rating of hydraulic feed 0.75kw 0.75kw
Overall dimensions (length x width x height) 2350*2220*1500mm 2350*2220*1500mm
Weight(NET WEIGHT) 1992kgs 2054kgs
Blade size 34*1.1*4115mm 34*1.1*4115mm

Product Details
The ANTISHI company GZ Series PLC control fully automatic metal cutting bandsaw machine is a robust, modern-to-use workshop saw for precise sawing of medium diameters. All operating switches are clearly grouped on a touchscreen and control panel. The machine aims to the fully-automatic control as it’s main feature. Using PLC touch screen panel, you can regulate the saw frame feed, steplessly adjust the saw blade speed and machine the work-piece hydraulically. The robust automatic material feed does not need any electronics or programming and still offers high repeat and dimensional accuracy.

GZ series band saws, which are designed for straight cuts in larger work-pieces made of steel, cast iron and other metals. The rigid dual column frame is extremely stable and the main drive is via low-maintenance V-belts. The work-piece clamping and the stroke of the saw frame are driven hydraulically.

Rigid dual column frame with column guide for superior stability
Control panel with touchscreen
Hydraulic vise work-piece clamping
Automatic saw blade overload control
Support table with integrated feed rollers
Material feed system with work-piece guide rollers
Fast approaching bar detection of the work-piece height
Feed roller table 700 m (27 inch)

ANTISHIs Advantages
●330 horizontal band saw, the evolution of the classic medium size bandsaws:
Sawing speed increased by 50%;
Saw blade life increased by 50%
Machining accuracy increased by 50%;
Equipment life increased by 50%

●Four major technological breakthroughs, all-round upgrades
●Intelligent welding: robot welding, beyond the humanbeings limit to ensure stability, uniformity and consistency
●Special processing: micron-level precision CNC multi-faceted processing at one time, shot blasting, corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant coating to ensure high precision, durability and reliability of parts
●Precision assembly: 35 years of technology accumulation, process assembly, stable and efficient equipment operation guarantee
●Industrial design: International industrial design company creatively design
●Six system-level evolution, new standard for all-aspect sawing

This machine is an equipment for sawing metal materials with bimetallic saw blades. It has the advantages of compact structure, fast cutting speed, high precision, narrow saw gap, low noise, convenient operation, etc. It is a new energy-saving product that replaces circular saws and bow saws.

It is widely used for sawing various metal materials in various industries such as electromechanical, metallurgy, automobiles, bridges, and ships.

Standard Equipment(330A)

Work-piece counter
Band break control
Coolant system
Hydraulic clamping
Feed roller table 700 m (27 inch)
Linear stop
Operator instructions

Optional Equipment (330B)

Bi-metallic band saw blade 34*1.1*4115 mm

2 meter roller table for 330 bandsaw

Chip conveyor and trolley for 330 bandsaw

Hydraulic blade tentioning for 330 bandsaw

Clamping force regulation at Hydraulic station

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