Hydraulic Press Brake Machie

Press brake machine

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Technical Parameter :

Product introduction:

1.Provide customers with better cost-effective solutions

2.The whole machine of the servo bending machine adopts the whole steel plate welding structure

3.Closed-loop proportional servo valve

4.Standard AE600 CNC system, controlling 4+1 axes

5.Mechanical table deflection compensation device controlled by CNC system

6.The backgauge is equipped with high-performance servo motor and ball screw

7.The upper slider of the servo bending machine is specially equipped with a wedge-type deflection compensation mechanism

The characteristics and functions of the CNC system of the servo bending machine:

  • High-definition 10-inch TFT color touch screen
  • Navigate to create a new product
  • Graphical upper and lower molds, support for polygonal molds, telescopic molds
  • Arc mold, gooseneck mold and other molds
  • Supports simulated bending
  • Support numerical arc bending function

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