Hydraulic Press Brake Machie

Hybrid press brake machine

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Technical Parameter :

Product main features:

1.The frame of the hybrid bending machine adopts a gantry-type all-steel split assembly structure, and there is no limitation on the depth of the throat.

2.The double servo pump control system adopts oil supply mode on demand, which reduces overflow and saves energy by more than 60%.

3.The heat balance temperature is low, which reduces the capacity of the oil tank and prolongs the service life of the hydraulic system and components.

4.The interval between oil changes is extended, reducing energy waste and user costs.

5.Achieve high precision, energy saving, environmental protection and high efficiency.

6.The standard SHACL AE8000T CNC system controls 8+1 axes.

7.Rexroth high-performance electro-hydraulic hybrid servo pump control system.

8.The main motor adopts high performance servo motor.

9.Standard 6-axis backgauge, three-dimensional space positioning, equipped with high-performance servo motors.

10.CNC-controlled mechanical table deflection compensation device.

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