Horizontal Mitre Cutting Bandsaws

Sissor type horizontal miter cutting bandsaw BS-280G

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Technical Parameter :

Model BS-280G
Cut circular @90° 220mm (8.6″)
Cut rectangular @90° 250x155mm (10″x6.1″)
Cut circular @60° 100mm (4″)
Cut rectangular @60° 80x95mm (3.1″x3.7″)
Cut circular @45° (Right) 160mm (6″)
Cut rectangular @45°  (Right) 160x110mm (6.3″x4.3″)
Blade speed(50HZ) 40/80 MPM
Blade speed(60HZ) 48/95 MPM
Blade size 27×0.9×2450 mm
Motor power 0.75/1.1 kW
Drive Gear
Packing size 133x80x110 cm (body)

67x40x62 cm (stand)

N.W./G.W. 254/287 kg

Product Features:

1. The maximum processing capacity is 7″
2. The belt drive has fourth gear cutting speed (indicated by the letter N)
3. The belt drive has third the gear cutting speed (indicated by the letter G)
4. The Fast clamp, clamp the rotary of (0 degrees ~45 degrees) cutting (BS-712N)
5. With a locking handle, a saw bow rotary (0 degrees ~45 degrees ) cutting (BS-712GR)
6. Can the vertical horizontal dual-use
7. The fall speed of the saw bow is controlled by the hydraulic cylinder
8. The machinery with base a roller, can be free to move
9. With stop device (After the machine sawing and cutting will automatically stop )
10. With a open the door power-off protection device (rear protection cover open when the machine will automatically power off)
11. The cooling system can prolong the service life of the saw blade, can improve the accuracy of the work piece
12. Block device (fixed sawing length)

For high precision metal cutting, is the ideal equipment for the industrial and mining enterprises and small workshops, application is very extensive.

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