Flat-bed CNC Lathe

CK6180 CK6185 Heavy Duty Horizontal Flat Bed CNC Lathe Machine

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Technical Parameter :

Specifications Units CK6180 CK6185
Swing over bed mm 800 850
Swing over cross slide mm 480 500
Max.Work piece Length mm 1350/1850/2850/3850 900/1400/1900/2900/3900
Spindle bore mm 105/130 105
Spindle speed steps Manual 4 steps 3 speed mechanical speed regulation
Spindle speed range rpm 30-84,53-150,125-350,300-800 10-85,40-350,100-800
Turret/tool post Electric 4 position Electric 4 position
Tool size mm 32 x 32 32 x 32
X axis travel mm 425 450
Z axis travel mm 1500/2000/3000/4000 1000/1500/2000/3000
X axis rapid traverse mm/min 6000 4000
Z axis rapid traverse mm/min 8000 5000
Tailstock quill diameter mm 130 100
Tailstock quill taper MT6 MT6#
Tailstock quill travel mm 250 250
Main spindle motor kw 15 11
Weight kg 4600/5200/6000/6800 4200/4600/5200/6000/6700
Dimension for 1000 mm 4000/4300/4800/5800x2000x2000 3300/3800/4300/4800/5800×2000×2000

Product description
CNC lathe is one of the widely used CNC machine tools. CK Series machine can undertake a variety of turning work-piece, it can turning the various parts of the outer circle, inner hole, end and metric thread, Whit worth, module thread and pitch diameter of the thread forming surface; in addition, you can also meet drilling, every hole, sets and other materials process requirements. It can also be used in hard cutting tool for powerful cutting, processing a variety of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. It is widely used in wind power, petroleum, chemical,paper making, textile, mining, and so on. It is widely used in wind power, oil, chemical industry, paper making, textile, mining,
Ship, aviation, rubber, mold, auto parts, processing such as steam turbine rotor, belt, generator, turbine rotor, machine spindle, hoist, and so on machinery manufacturing industry.

1. This series lathe has compact structure, pleasant appearance, large spindle torque, high rigidity, stable and reliable performance, and excellent accuracy retention.
2. Bed-stock optimization design is suitable for turning disc and shaft parts. It can process straight line, arc, metric and British threads and multi-head threads. It can also be used for turning disc and shaft parts with complex shape and high precision.
3. The lathe guideway and saddle guideway adopt the hard guideway of special material. After high frequency quenching, they are super hard and wear-resistant, durable and have good processing accuracy.
4. The CNC system adopts GSK system and the famous ball screw and high precision screw bearing made in China.
5. The spindle with high precision spindle bearing group and precise assembly and dynamic balance test ensures high accuracy, low noise and strong rigidity of the spindle.
6. Forced automatic lubrication device is used for fixed-point quantitative lubrication of lead screw and guide rail at each lubrication point. When there is abnormal condition or insufficient oil, warning signals are automatically generated.


Standard Equipment:
1.System: GSK CNC System
2. Manual 3-jaw chuck.
3. 4-station electric tool post.
4. Manual tail-stock
5. Cooling system.
6. Automatic lubrication system.

Optional Equipment:
2. Hydraulic chuck/Pneumatic chuck.
3. Hydraulic tail-stock/Pneumatic tail-stock.
4. Horizontal 6-station turret/8-station turret.
5. Auto bar feeder
6. Chip conveyor

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