Flat-bed CNC Lathe

BC37Series CNC Lathe

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Technical Parameter :

Project unit specification Comment
BC3731 BC3751
Processing range Max swing diameter over bed mm(in) Φ550(21.653)
Max turning length mm(in) 310(12.204) 510(20.78)
Max. turning diameter mm(in) Φ370(14.566)
Maximum turning diameter on the skateboard mm(in) Φ330(12.992)
Hydraulic clamping diameter in 8〞


mode of spindle head GB5900.1 A2-6
Main shaft taper hole specification 1:20
Thru-hole of spindle mm(in) Φ66(2.598)
Spindle bearing diameter (front/rear) mm(in) Φ100(3.937)/Φ90(3.543)
speed of mainshaft r/min(rpm) 50—4500
Main motor power (continuous /30 minutes) kW(hp) 11(14.96)/15(204)
Tailstock Travel of Tailstock sleeve mm(in) 150(5.905) 350(5.905) optional
taper of center MT No. 4# 5#
Sliding base angle of inclination DEG 30°
displacement distance  X/Z mm(in) 210(8.267)/350(13.779) 210(8.267)/550(21.653)

Fast moving speed  X/Z

m/min(ipm) 30(1181)
servo motor torque  X/Z Nm(ft-lb) 10(7.374)/15(11.061)
Ball screw diameter  X/Z mm Φ32
knife rest stations of tool carrier 8
Tool size (turning/boring) mm 25×25/Φ40
other power source kVA 23
Volume (length x width x height) mm(in) 1866(73.5)X2226(87.6)X1661(63.4)

(Containing the rear line of chips)


(Containing the rear line of chips)

total weight Kg(lbs) 4100(9041) 4400(9702)


BC37 series CNC lathe with flat wholecasting machine bed, 30° slant carriage compact structure but large swing size.Big size tool disk so that small interference between tools. With China madecontrol,

it can do machining on internal and external cylinder, taper, curvedsurface, and threads for auto, aerospace, military industries.

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