Slant-bed CNC Lathe

CK7530 series CNC lathes

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Technical Parameter :

Item Description Unit Data
Power turret Hyd. Turret
Capacity Max swing over bed/slide mm Φ670/Φ470
Max turning length mm 1500(800)
Max turning dia mm Φ600 Φ550
Max bar dia mm Φ90
Spindle Hydraulic chuck dia mm Φ305
Spindle nose A2-8(GB5900.1)
Spindle thru-hole mm Φ105
Spindle speed r/min 25–2500
L:12-830 H:50-2500(with   speed reducer)
Main motor(cont./30min) kW 22/30; 22/26(with speed   reducer)
Tailstock Quill dia/travel mm Φ110/150
Center taper of   standard/live spindle structure MT No. 6/5
Carriage Slant angle DEG 60°
X/Z-axis travel mm 325/1550(880) 305/1550(880)
X/Z-axis rapid traverse m/min 12/16
Turret Number of stations 12/8 12/8
Tool section(turning/boring) mm 32×32/Φ50
Others Power supply kVA 60
Dimension(L×W×H ) mm 4820×2130×2180(3820×1990×2040)
Gross weight(net) kg 9730(8330)


CK7530 series CNC lathes,its strength, dynamic and static rigidity, mechanics of main parts, guard and coolant system are all advanced in design. This series lathe, designed with high vibration strength, adopts high grade cast iron, one piece of bed base, slant guideways, a high precision through-hole spindle driven by large-field AC main motor.

Key parts like bearings of main spindle and of feeding screw are all famous foreign products. The multi-station turret indexes fast and continuously with a high repeatability and changes tool proximately. The lathe can be equipped with FANUC 0i-TD, FANUC 0i Mate-TD, Siemens 810D, 802D, DASEN 3i and etc on request. or other top brand control systems from both China and foreign countries (hydraulic parts, lubrication units and chucks that are good-quality from both domestic and foreign markets).

The lathe is designed with unique appearance, easy-operated panel, full-enclosed guard, which can prevent the leakage of water, power and oil effectively. It is the most powerful product in its class due to the large power, excellent accuracy and high performance.

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