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CNC Automatic manipulator loading and unloading robot customized CNC lathe machine production line

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Technical Parameter :

Workpiece length  20-100mm
Workpiece diameter  4-32mm
Processing range  round, hexagonal, square
Spindle speed  1400-3000 rev/s (adjustable speed)
Motor power  2.2kw
X travel  240mm
Z travel  280mm
X direction motor power  12Nm
Z direction motor power  16Nm
X-direction feed speed  6000mm/min
Z direction feed speed  6000mim/min
Working pressure  0.6MPA
Machine weight  600kg
Feeding method  Front feeding/Back feeding/Vibrating plate feeding/Truss automation

Product Introduction

The company has ordinary CNC lathes, fully automatic CNC lathes, semi-automatic instrument lathes, fully automatic instrument lathes, hydraulic lathes,
For valve machine tools, drilling machine tools, special machine tools for the tool industry (tool head/cutter bar/drill bit), etc., we can install automatic loading and unloading devices on ordinary CNC machine tools, automation design of CNC machine tools, and refit fully automatic machine tools with CNC. Multiple machine operations; Truss automation
Suitable products: various motor shafts, valve guides, rotors, automotive hubs, etc.

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