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CNC crankshaft connecting rod neck lathe

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Technical Parameter :

Main specifications unit CK43100 CK43125 CK43160 CK43250
Swing over carriage mm 600 850 1250 2000
Adjustable range of eccentricity mm 0~ 105 0~ 160 0~ 260 0~ 300
Max.load between centers ton 6 6 10 63
Bed width mm 970 1100 1600 2050
Spindle speed rpm 16~ 200 12~ 160 2~ 120 0.8~ 160
Spindle motor kw AC17/22 AC30/42 DC55 DC110
Machine weight of 3 meters kg 18500 19500 30000 65
Add weight per meter kg 1200 1250 2250 3200
Machine outline size of 3 meters L* w * h 7350X1850X1950 7850X2550X1950 15200X2450X2475 10500X4100X3100

Product description:

This machine tool is a special numerical control equipment for processing various large eccentric shafts and crankshaft connecting rod journals. It can complete the crankshaft main journal and connecting rod journal: outer circle, round root, crank arm outer circle, crank arm inner surface, connecting rod Semi-finishing and finishing of the internal fillet of the neck intersection and the external round chamfer of the crank. It also has the function of machining the crankshaft spindle diameter. Suitable for carbon steel, alloy steel, cast steel, cast iron processing.

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