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Large-aperture tube lathe

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Technical Parameter :

Main specifications unit CW6628 CW6636 CW6646
Swing over bed mm 1000 1000 1200
Swing over carriage mm 720 650 800
Spindle bore mm 280 360 460
Max.load between centers ton 4 6 6
Bed width mm 600 755 970
Spindle speed rpm 5~ 435 3.15~315 3.15~315
Spindle motor kw AC18.5 AC22 AC30
Machine weight of 3 meters kg 6800 12000 14000
Add weight per meter kg 810 1000 1200
Machine outline size of 3 meters L* w * h 5826X1457X1785 6300X1750X1750 6300X2550X1850

Product description:

CW6636 large hole pipe threading lathe is mainly suitable for turning various pipe ends and taper pipe threads. In addition, it also has the function of ordinary horizontal lathes, which can turn the outer circle, inner hole, end face and metric thread, inch thread, Modular thread and pitch thread and other forming surfaces; the upper tool holder alone can be motorized to cut short tapers (cone generatrix length L≤300 mm), and the upper tool holder can be motorized to cut long tapers with longitudinal feed; in addition, It can meet the technological requirements of drilling, boring, nesting, etc. It is also suitable for powerful turning of cemented carbide tools and processing various ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

The CW6636 large hole pipe threading lathe has a structure such as rapid movement, terminal insurance, fixed-range cutting, separate oil pump lubrication, and overload safety protection. There is a four-jaw chuck on the front and back of the spindle for manual clamping of the workpiece. The machine tool has the inherent characteristics of high power, high speed, strong rigidity, good accuracy retention, and low noise; it also has external characteristics such as beautiful appearance, reasonable layout, pleasantness, and convenient operation.

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