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Multi Axis CNC High Speed EDM Drilling Machine SK703-8A

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Technical Parameter :

X-axis travel mm 500 Control equivalent mm 0.001
Y-axis travel mm 400 Control equivalent mm 0.001
Z-axis travel mm 400 Control equivalent mm 0.001
W-axis travel mm 250 Control equivalent mm 0.001
A axis rotation range 360º arbitrary angle (250mm) Control equivalent mm 0.001
B axis swing range ±110° Control equivalent mm 0.001
Table size mm 650*850
Clamping electrode range mm φ0.2-φ3
Maximum working fluid pressure Mpa 8
Type of working fluid Water
Main engine weight kg ~10000
Environmental requirements for power supply Three phase 380V / 50Hz
Input power capacity Kw 5
Maximum processing current A 30
Maximum distance between worktable and guide mm 300
Maximum bearing capacity of worktable kg 200
Maximum diameter of the outer circumference of the processed workpiece mm 300 B axis 90 ° horizontal direction

Equipment Introduction

The machine is a high-speed EDM small hole machining equipment. Copper tube is used as the electrode and guided by the guide device. The high-efficiency pulse power supply is applied between the electrode and the workpiece. During the processing, the spindle drives the electrode to make servo feed under the control of the servo system. Pulse high-frequency discharge is generated between the electrode and the workpiece to control the workpiece erosion. In the process, high-pressure water working fluid is ejected from the inner hole of the electrode, and the forced chip removal cooling is implemented on the processing area to ensure the smooth processing.

Equipment Features

This kind of technology processing aperture range is generally in φ 0.2-3 mm, the maximum depth diameter ratio of about 1 mm can reach 300:1 or more, and the processing speed is generally 1-40 mm / min. It can directly penetrate through the inclined plane and curved surface, and is not limited by the hardness and toughness of the material. In addition to processing ordinary conductive materials, it can also process stainless steel, cemented carbide, quenched steel, high temperature heat-resistant alloy and copper smoothly Alloy, titanium alloy and other conductive materials difficult to machine.

Standard Parts

No. Name Specifications Quantity
1 Anchor screw 6 pcs
2 Sizing block 6 pcs
3 Nut, washer M8 4 pieces for each
4 T-groove nut (screw hole M8) 4 pieces
5 Drill chuck wrench JST4 1 pc
6 Platen 4 sets
7 Stud bolt 100,130,160mm 4 pieces for each
8 Step iron pad Large / medium / small 2 sets
9 Synchronous toothed belt 230XL 2 pcs
10 Seal ring For high pressure pump 3 sets
11 Electrode sealing ring Φ0.3~Φ3.5mm 30 pcs
12 Carbon brush For rotary head 4 pcs
13 Synchronous toothed belt MXL123 2 pcs
14 + screwdriver 75×5mm 1 pc
15 – screwdriver 75×5mm 1 pc
16 Adjustable spanner 250×30mm 1 pc
17 Hexagon wrench 4,5,6,8,10,12 1 pc each

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