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ZNC EDM Hole Drilling Machine

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Technical Parameter :

Technical Items DD703(Non-CNC) ZNC703(3040) ZNC703(4050) ZNC703(4060)
Work surface size 420*360mm 330X480mm 630X480mm 750X880mm
Work surface travel 300*400mm 300X400mm 400X500mm 400X600mm
Spindle head stroke 300mm 400mm 400mm 400mm
Processing depth 300mm 300mm 300mm 300mm
Electrode diameter 0.3-3.0mm 0.3-3.0mm 0.3-3.0mm 0.3-3.0mm
Max processing speed 40-60mm/min 40-60mm/min 40-60mm/min 40-60mm/min
Spindle speed 20-120RPM 20-120RPM 20-120RPM 20-120RPM
Maximum aspect ratio 300:1 300:1 300:1 300:1
Working fluid Pure water Pure water Pure water Pure water
Work pressure 7Mpa 7Mpa 7Mpa 7Mpa
Maximum machining current 30A 40A 40A 40A
Maximum power consumption 3KW 3KW 3KW 5KW
Control method Z-axis Electric Drive Z-axis automatic Z-axis automatic Z-axis automatic
Workbench capacity 250-300kg 250-300kg 250-300kg 250-300kg
Working fluid tank capacity  30L  30L  30L 30L
Machine tool power supply 380V/50Hz/3PH 380V/50Hz/3PH 380V/50Hz/3PH 380V/50Hz/3PH
Secondary stroke control method Electric Drive Electric Drive Electric Drive Electric Drive
Digital display 2-axis DRO

(3-axis optional)

3-axis DRO 3-axis DRO 3-axis DRO
Water pump High pressure pumps High pressure pump High pressure pump High pressure pump
Z-axis CNC depth-fixing function NO YES YES YES
Servo stroke 300mm 400mm 400mm 400mm
Machine size (length × width × height) 900x1200x1850mm 900x1200x1900 mm 1800×1500×1700 mm 1800×1500×1700mm
gross weight 700kg 750 kg 1700 kg 1700 kg

Product Details:
This machine is a high-speed EDM small hole machining equipment, using copper tube as electrode, guided by guide, applying high-efficiency pulse power supply between electrode and work-piece. A pulsed high-frequency discharge is generated between the work-piece and the work-piece, and the work-piece is eroded in a controlled manner. During processing, the high-pressure water quality working fluid is sprayed from the inner hole of the electrode, and the forced chip cooling is performed on the processing area to ensure the smooth progress of the processing.

EDM punching machine is suitable for processing various conductive materials such as stainless steel, hardened steel, cemented carbide, copper and aluminum. This machine tool can be used to process threading holes for fast-travel wire cutting, oil injection holes for oil nozzles and oil pumps, spinneret holes for chemical spinnerets, oil passage holes for hydraulic and pneumatic components, filter plates, group holes for sieve plates, and holes in engines. The deep and small holes that are difficult to be processed by various traditional processing methods such as cooling and cooling holes, this machine tool has a large number of users at home and abroad.

◆It can process the hole diameter of Φ0.3~Φ3.0mm, and the maximum depth-diameter ratio can reach more than 300:1.
◆The processing speed can reach 5-40mm per minute, the servo stroke is 400, the super long electrode tube can be used, and the electrode tube can be saved by 15%.
◆It can process various conductive materials such as stainless steel, quenched steel, cemented carbide, copper, aluminum, etc.
◆It can be directly penetrated from inclined surface and curved surface.
◆Servo lift adopts double linear guides and electric lift, which ensures the processing accuracy and speed of the product.
◆The spindle adopts two-speed control mode, so that the retracting speed is twice as fast as the processing speed, and the processing is closely tracked to achieve efficient and stable processing of fine electrodes.
◆The bed is equipped with a water pump pressure observation window, which makes it more convenient and simple to observe and adjust the water pump pressure, and the high-pressure water pump processing is more stable.

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