Heavy duty lathe

CNC heavy horizontal lathe

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Main specifications unit C61160/180/200/220/250 CC61160/180/200/220/250 CC61315/350/400/500/630
Swing over bed mm 1600/1800/2000/2200/2500 1600/1800/2000/2200/2500 3150/35004000/5000/6300
Swing over carriage mm 1200/1400/1600/1800/2200 1200/1400/1600/1800/2200 2500/2800/3000/4000/5000
Max.turming length m 4~ 20 5~ 20 5~ 20
Max.load between centers ton 25、32、40 40、63、80 100、 120、 150、 200
Bed width mm 1600(Three guide rails) 2050(Four guide rails) Fission lathe bed
Spindle speed rpm 0.8~ 160 0.63~ 125 0.5~100;0.4~80;0.2~40
Spindle motor kw DC75 DC90/110/125 DC143/160/185
Close steady rest mm Φ400~Φ750(C61160) Φ400~Φ800(CC61160) Φ500~Φ1200(CC61315)
Open steady rest mm Φ800~Φ1500(C61160) Φ800~Φ1400(CC61160) Φ1200~Φ2250(CC61315)
Machine weight of

5 meters

kg 46000 63000
Add weight per meter kg 2500 3000
Machine outline size of  5 meters mm 10672 x 2479 x 2280


14100 x 4348 x 2445


12750 x 4740 x 3550


Shape of tool post Press plate tool rest or frame tool rest frame tool rest Press plate tool rest
Digital display optional
Grinding head device optional
Milling head device optional
Boring device optional


Heavy-duty horizontal lathes are mainly used in the metallurgical industry. The machine tool uses high-speed steel or cemented carbide tools to rough and finish work-pieces made of ordinary steel, forged steel, cast iron, high-speed steel, and high-chromium steel. It can complete the high-precision and high-finish high-efficiency automatic turning processing of the outer circle, end face, tapered surface, groove, and cutting of the work-piece. For the machine tool with three-rail bed, it is driven by wire and smooth rod; for the machine tool with four-rail bed and separated bed structure, the main drive and feed adopt separate transmission structure.

The main shaft of the machine tool adopts a two-support structure, which has good rotation rigidity and large torque output; the bed adopts the bottom chip removal method, which is convenient for chip removal. Each part of the machine tool has a separate oil pump for forced lubrication; both the tail-stock and tool rest of the machine tool have functions such as rapid movement and terminal insurance. The upper body of the tail stock adopts a built-in structure, and the overall movement of the tail stock adopts a motorized mobile device. The design of machine tool speed, feed rate and power characteristics is reasonable, which can well meet the needs of rough and fine machining. The machine tool has strong rigidity, high efficiency, energy saving, safety and reliability, convenient operation and beautiful appearance. The machine tool is mainly used to complete the outer circle processing technology of heavy shafts, discs and other rotating parts.

For the separated bed structure, the machine tool is mainly composed of tool rest bed, work piece bed, head stock, tail stock, saddle tool rest, automatic iron filings conveying device, closed center frame, open center frame, moving table, electrical Control device and other components. The tail stock, closed center frame and open center frame can move on the work-piece bed, and the tool post moves on the tool rest bed. There is an iron filing device between the work-piece bed and the tool rest bed, and the tool rest and tail-stock are equipped with chain supporting devices.

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