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Technical Parameter :

Main specifications unit TK2140
Range of spindle speeds rpm 5~ 450
Max.output torque of spindle KN.m 28
Max.feeding force of feed carriage KN 80
Feed speed range of feed carriage mm/min 0~ 5000
Diameter range of bore mm ∅50~ 155
The maximum diameter of boring mm ∅400
Machine weight of 3 meters kg 35
Add weight per meter kg 1000
Machine outine size of 3 meters L* w * h 13850X4300X2300

Product description:

This machine is a CNC deep-hole boring machine with an external chip removal system, which is suitable for processing deep-hole work pieces. Good rigidity, not only can boring, but also can be rolled with rolling head. After rolling, the surface roughness of the workpiece can reach Ra0.4. The clamping of the workpiece and the feed movement of the drill rod box are driven by front and rear servo motors. The clamping realizes current overload protection, which is safe, reliable and easy to operate; the feed force is large during feeding, which is easy to powerful boring. The machine bed has strong rigidity and good accuracy retention. The spindle box and the drill pipe box spindle are driven by a broadband AC variable frequency motor. The speed range is wide, the output torque is large and the working torque area is wide. It is suitable for boring a wide range of workpiece diameters; Adopting the most opportunistic drive double gear rack transmission, high transmission accuracy and large feed torque, can meet the needs of various deep hole processing technology, especially suitable for shaft through hole, blind hole and stepped hole processing. This machine is equipped with a numerical control system, which has more accurate depth display and control functions.

Push boring is used in the boring method. In the chip removal method, the external chip removal method is adopted. In production, it is suitable for mass production and also suitable for single-piece small batch production.

This machine tool can be equipped with different types of imported or domestic oil applicator specifications and tool holders within the allowable range according to user requirements, and various hole processing accessories with special requirements can also be designed according to user requirements. The front end of the work piece adopts a top plate with a chip removal port to tighten the taper surface of the work piece. The spindle head is designed as a C-type spindle with quick change function. It is convenient and quick to assemble and disassemble the workpiece chuck and the top plate.

The tail end of the work piece is tightened by the top plate on the oil applicator and serves as a seal. The middle part of the work-piece is equipped with a bracket or a center frame to hold the workpiece. According to the characteristics of the work-piece to be processed, the machine tool is only equipped with a work piece bracket, which supports the work piece before clamping the workpiece. After the current rear top plate presses the work piece, that is The bracket can be loosened. According to the characteristics of the material of the work-piece, the machine-clamped indexable BTA drill bit and the machine-clamped indexable deep hole boring head are selected to realize high-speed cutting.

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